Why Kaleidozone is the Top VR Entertainment Game Franchise in India 2024

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Written By: Yukta Palekar

Do you want to open a VR Entertainment Game Centre franchise in India? Invest in one of the following tried-and-tested entertainment franchises to become a part of the profitable entertainment business.

With one of these attractive franchise or company possibilities, you may be your boss and assist in entertaining the globe.

Begin your adventure with Kaleidozone, the Best VR Entertainment Game Centre.

About the Kaleidozone Franchise in India

Kaleidozone, a pioneer in Virtual Reality (VR) entertainment, was founded by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs in 2015. The company has grown into a competent team of technologists, developers, creative artists, domain experts, mechatronics engineers, IT experts, and operational staff.

Kaleidozone launched its first VR game arcade in Chennai in 2016 and now has VR pods deployed in 22 locations across the country. They have served more than 500,000 customers and continuously evaluated technology developments to deliver compelling products to the market.

Kaleidozone's offering includes a library of contents, original VR content, gamified content that enhances player motivation and engagement, VR goggles, simulated platform, interactive controls, physical effects, sensors and controllers, operational cookbook, layout planning, location guidance, revenue models, staffing, branding and marketing, support, deployment, spare parts planning, annual maintenance, and incident support.

The company aims to create an all-in-one system that delivers an interactive and immersive experience by combining the latest advancements in immersive head-mounted displays, controllers, motion capture systems, and real-time 3D engines.

They apply a holistic approach in integrating input devices, simulators, 3D content, and head-mounted devices like Oculus.With over 75 years of collective experience as business owners, technologists, and game developers, Kaleidozone is headquartered in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Their specialities include easy deployment, lower operational cost, flexible configuration, integrated billing system, original and quality content, and customer retention.

Why should you invest in a Kaleidozone Virtual Reality Franchise?

Kaleidozone offers easy deployment and operation with trained engineers, lower operational costs, and customer satisfaction. Their pods are designed for optimal space utilization, resulting in repeat business.

They also provide an integrated billing system, ensuring no revenue leakage. Daily reports show usage and collected money, eliminating the need for constant counter visits. Kaleidozone offers flexible configuration based on available space and investment, providing value for money. They also offer a rich portfolio of original and quality content.

Join the Kaleidozone Virtual Reality Franchise Experience

The Virtual Reality Entertainment business offers a great opportunity with good profits and easy operations. With 12 to 18 months to return your investment, flexible business models, and training, franchising with us makes your investment experience more rewarding.

By joining our growing business community, you become part of a growing business community across the country, and our team will work with you throughout your journey.

Uncovering India's Dynamic Entertainment Franchise Landscape

  1. Diverse Landscape of Entertainment Franchise Business in India: Segments Catering to Varied Entertainment Preferences. Water Parks and Theme Parks. E-sports Arcades
  2. Gaming Arcades. Indoor and Soft Play Zones. Virtual Reality Arcades. Multiplexes.
  3. Global Expansion in Theme Parks: Notable Companies: Disney, Universal Studios, KidZania. Global Reach Through Franchise Agreements. Rides, Shows, and Engaging Activities for Families and Fans.
  4. Rise of E-sports Arcades: Popularity Linked to Digital Gaming Platforms. Offer Gaming Events, Leagues, and eSports Organizations. Appeals to a Broad Audience Beyond Individual Gamers.
  5. Family-Friendly Gaming Arcades: Safe and Controlled Environment. Attracts Families for Joint Entertainment. More Than Just Individual Gamer Appeal.
  6. Indoor and Soft Play Zones for Child Development: Focus on Physical, Mental, Social, and Emotional Growth. Ideal for Birthday Parties and Special Events. Complete Party Packages with Playtime, Decorations, Food, and Entertainment.
  7. Immersive Virtual Reality Arcades: Realistic Gaming Experience. Embracing New Technology. Unique Gameplay and Social Aspects. Access to a Wide Range of Games. Expert Assistance for Users.
  8. Evolution of Multiplexes: Enhanced Cinematic Experience. Interactive Offerings Compared to Traditional Theatres.
  9. Resilience Amid Pandemic Challenges: Continued Growth Despite Pandemic Impact. Need for Introduction of New Services to Stay Competitive.
  10. Franchise Opportunity Highlights: Investment Diversity Catering to Various Tastes. Adaptable Business Models. Training Support for Franchisees. 12 to 18 Months ROI Potential.
  11. Collaborative Growth in the Entertainment Community: Joining a Growing Business Community Across India. Ongoing Support Throughout Franchise Journey.

4 Best VR Entertainment Game Centre Franchises to Consider in India for 2024


KoolKidz, a Kolkata-based company, specializes in designing, constructing, and maintaining children's entertainment centres in malls and other locations. Established in 2000, it now manages over 28 locations in India's prestigious shopping malls.

KoolKidz is a soft play area and toddler zone, primarily catering to children aged 2-7, located in designated spaces in malls and public places with heavy foot traffic. The company offers high-quality items and equipment, comparable to those found in the US and Europe.

Cine Square Entertainment

Cine Square Entertainment Pvt. Ltd is a film and entertainment company with over 2 decades of experience in distribution and exhibition. Based in Indore, they cater to theatre owners, builders, and developers who request a cinema company to manage their cinema possessions.

They believe in aligning with each proprietor, ensuring no one is less important than the next. Their investment range is between Rs. 1 crore and 2 crore.

VR Gamezone

VR Gamezone is a fun arcade that focuses on VR, AR, MR, and XR technologies. It offers VR education, VR training, and 360 photo/video. The mission is to provide a one-stop shop for future experiences, offering immersive experiences for all ages. The goal is to provide world-class, top-rated virtual reality experiences using location-based entertainment sets. The company is seeking franchise partners to expand its offerings.

Little Fun World

Little Fun World is an indoor playground designed for children and adults, offering unique games in a clean, safe, and controlled environment. The playground offers a safe, bright, and friendly atmosphere for children and adults to grow. The colourful, easy-to-listen-to music area features "Superplay" features that are not found in free outdoor playgrounds or fast-food restaurant playgrounds. The goal is to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for all ages.

Advantages of owning a VR Entertainment Game Centre franchise in India.

  1. India's Flourishing Entertainment Landscape: Encompassing Movies, TV, Music, and Live Shows. Significant Opportunities for Investment.
  2. VR Entertainment Game Centre Franchise: Promising Market Amid Industry Boom. Ideal Timing for Investment.
  3. Digital Transformation and Growing Usage: Increased Digital Usage Across Movies, Games, and social media. Surge in Online Streaming Services and Digital Content Consumption.
  4. Leveraging India's Diverse Talent Pool: Abundance of Talent in Acting, Directing, Music, Dance, and Animation. Potential to Create High-Quality Content for Franchise Success.
  5. Empowering Middle-Class Spending: Rapid Expansion of India's Middle-Class Increased Disposable Income for Entertainment Expenditure.
  6. Wide Consumer Base: Massive Population of Over 1.3 billion People. Enormous Market Potential for Entertainment Companies.
  7. Profitable Opportunities for Franchisees: Chance to Make Significant Profits. Expand into New Markets Within India.
  8. Tailoring Offerings to Diverse Tastes: Diversity in Population Enables Catering to Varied Preferences. Movies, Music, Theme Parks, and Gaming Opportunities.
  9. Capitalizing on the Growing Entertainment Market: Strategic Positioning for Franchise Success. Aligning with India's Increasing Appetite for Entertainment.
  10. Overall Benefits of Investment: Numerous Advantages for Businesses. Tapping into India's Booming Entertainment Industry.


KaleidoZone, founded in 2015 by Silicon Valley businesspeople, has grown into a team of technologists, developers, creative artists, subject experts, mechatronics engineers, IT experts, and operational staff. In 2016, they opened their first arcade with Virtual Reality (VR) games in Chennai and now have 22 VR pods in 22 locations across India. KaleidoZone has made over 500,000 people happy.

When choosing a franchise, consider factors such as brand popularity, resource availability, and success levels of existing franchisees. Ensure your budget matches the brand's spending needs.

For those interested in starting an entertainment franchise in India or expanding their successful business, contact Franchise Bazar


Q.1. What are the advantages of franchising?

A Kaleidozone franchise provides a great return on investment, and we can supply you with data to assist you in anticipating how much you could earn.

Q.2. What exactly is a POD?

Our VR POD combines exclusive gaming content with electronic technology such as VR Googles, sensors, controllers, and computers. These are intended for use in Location Based Entertainment centres. We have taken great care to ensure that our pods are simple to deploy and operate.

Here is a list of our VR pods from which to choose:

  • Vertigo VR
  • VR Sports
  • Cricket FeVR
  • Asymmetric Dodgem

Q.3. What is an ROI strategy?

VR entertainment centres are doing well all around the world, but especially in India. The determining variables are footfall in the location and the local market's paying capability. We will walk you through the possibilities so you are fully informed about the opportunity.

Q.4. In India, are entertainment franchises profitable?

Entertainment businesses in India can be profitable depending on a variety of things. India is an excellent market for entertainment franchises due to its large and diverse market, expanding middle class, and large number of young people. However, success and profit might vary according to the company, its target demographic, marketing techniques, competition, and the overall quality and appeal of the material.

Q.5. What is an entertainment franchise's profit margin in India?

It is vital to realize that profit margins in the entertainment industry might fluctuate due to changes in the economy, industry, and market. To obtain accurate and up-to-date profit margin figures for a given entertainment franchise in India, do a specific study or obtain financial information from industry publications or franchise owners.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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