Why Rent or Lease Your Property When You Can Buy a Franchise Business?

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Benefits of using your property in franchise business

Written by: Resham Daswani            


Franchises are a popular business model, which offers owners many benefits.  Being typically stable, with a proven system that can be easily replicated, it is a benefit for both franchiser and franchisee.  Not to forget the cost of starting a franchise is often much lower than starting your own business from scratch.

What makes it beneficial for Property owners to invest in a franchise, is they do not have to look for property to start up the franchise, they have the space, all they need to do now is analyze which is the right market that would bring in more profits.  So choosing the right franchise is the most important step while stepping into the franchise business model.

Let us look at some of the key factors which benefit owning a franchise and why it could be a good opportunity for property owners.

Start an Already Established Business


Franchising gives you a chance to access an already established business model, which means that you can rely on the existing infrastructure and customer base of the brand you are investing in.  This is a great advantage especially when you are comparatively new to the business model.  Since you are already a property owner, that levies you off the land cost, which means all you need to do now is understand the franchise business model you are stepping into, and everything is done as the marketing campaigns and customer support systems are already established by the owner.


Offers you flexibility and security


Franchises offer a lot of flexibility, where you can choose to buy a franchise or lease one.  Having many years of experience behind them gives you the confidence of making the right decision.  Don’t stop your search at one option, view different businesses before choosing the right one. 


Training in Operational Logistics


When you choose a franchising business model, they offer many benefits like operational logistics training, which will help you to run your business more effectively and efficiently.  This can also help to improve your marketing skills.  This is a great way to gain experience in the industry that you choose 


Existing Brand Awareness


Acquiring a franchise business gives you an opportunity to benefit from the built-in brand.  Nonetheless, the exposure that you get from the existing brand awareness includes television commercials, online advertisements, and even word-of-mouth.


Scale and Grow Successfully


There is a huge potential for growth in Buying a Franchise Business.  Proper planning and execution can enable you to reach success. 


High Degree in customer service


Franchises offer better customer service, as they are tightly controlled, and customers will usually be happy with the service they receive from such businesses.


The Bottom Line


What makes this a growing opportunity for property owners, is the provision of a wide variety of industry segments, which it holds together.  Where choosing the best business opportunities in India has always been a tough decision for many, property owners gain an advantage to choose from various niches, based on their investment criteria.  Some such segments include:



Reading this article gives you a fair idea of how profitable it is to be a property owner and franchise a business.  FranchiseBazar has a team of consultants, with an extensive directory of franchise businesses in India. They will guide you on the new business opportunities in India, which business is great for you, based on your investment, industry type and location.


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