Why The Lassi Shop is The Best Lassi Franchise in India 2024?

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Written By: Resham Daswani

Lassi is a beverage that is known for its cooling and refreshing properties and is also one of the most widely consumed beverages across the country, especially in the summer season. Yes, we are talking about the lip-smacking beverage, available in all yummy flavours, in the most famous franchise brands across the country. So let us get started with the best lassi franchises in India and all the available opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to consider in 2024.

About The Lassi Franchise Business in India 2024: Market Trends, Best Lassi Franchise To Consider, & Its Future

A common Indian beverage, lassi is prepared with yoghurt, water, spices, and occasionally fruit or sugar. Crushed mint or rose petals are common garnishes, and it's typically carbonated with seltzer or club soda.

Many people consider this one of the best beverages because it is also good for their health.

Here’s why:

  • Helps in digestion: The lactobacillus bacteria found in lasa helps keep the intestines smooth and aids digestion. In addition to alleviating indigestion and heartburn, it aids the stomach in eliminating acid.
  • Good for weight loss: The consumption of lassi, which contains beneficial bacteria and probiotics, can alleviate bloating and inflammation.
  • Keeps you hydrated: People who drink lassi stay hydrated and it can be helpful in treating diarrhoea.
  • More nutritious: The electrolytes and water that your body has lost can be replaced by drinking lassi.

Here are some of the trends enhancing the growth of the lassi beverage business in India.

  1. Rise in health and wellness trends: It is possible that increased consumer awareness about health and wellbeing will boost the demand for traditional and healthier beverage options such as lassi, which is typically made with yoghurt and can be considered a probiotic drink.
  2. Diversity of flavour options: When experimenting with different flavours and varieties of lassi, such as fruit-infused lassi or exotic spice mixes, it is possible to attract a larger consumer base and respond to changing preferences in terms of taste.
  3. Eco-friendly practices: The use of sustainable and environmentally friendly practices in production and packaging has the potential to attract customers who are concerned about the environment.
  4. Easy Availability: Convenient packaging, such as bottles or pouches that can be taken on the move, may be appealing to consumers who are busy in metropolitan areas and are searching for a drink alternative that is both quick and refreshing.
  5. Regional focus: The creation of a niche market and the attraction of customers who are looking for experiences that are both distinctive and authentic can be facilitated by putting an emphasis on regional specialties and variations of lassi that are popular in particular regions.

Do careful research and seek the guidance of franchise consultants to help you choose the right franchise brand as per your interests and investment range.

The Lassi Shop Franchise in India 2024 

It began with two locations in Bangalore, and now they have more than 400 locations across India and the United Arab Emirates, making us the most popular venue for satisfying your demands for lassi. They have been propelled into becoming a Lassi legion as a result of the affection that people have shown us, and there is no stopping us now!

If it is true that variety is the spice of life, then our menu definitely has something for those who have a craving for sweets. In addition to the delectable varieties of Lassi, they also serve Faloodas, mocktails, juices, smoothies, and milkshakes, and don't forget that they serve all of these beverages with a great deal of affection! 

The fact that they employ natural colouring agents that are taken from carrots, beetroots, and other vegetables is another evidence that they prioritise quality in order to earn the trust of our clients.

Why choose the Lassi Shop franchise?

  • low investment range.
  • Good returns on investment.
  • Menu with affordable prices.
  • Health-friendly options.
  • India's growth is mostly due to the service industry, and the lassi shop is part of the food and beverage business.
  • Rapidly expanding their footprints across the country
  • High consumption because of healthy lifestyle awareness.

Cost To Start The Lassi Shop Franchise: Investment and Requirements for 2024

Concerned about your health? Is your palate more open to new flavours? Is it simply because smoothies and mocktails are your favorites? On the other hand, are you planning a getaway for your pals to make up for the wager you lost? No worries; the lassi shop is here to help.

This fast-food restaurant brand specialises in selling lassis, the classic yoghurt-based drink that is most beloved across the subcontinent. It has been around since 2008 and offers smoothies, mocktails, and juices. Using only the highest-quality materials, this brand's superb craftsmanship is its USP.

To become the Lassi Shop franchise owner in India, you need:

  • 200 square feet of space at a prime location on the ground floor with a 10-foot frontage.
  • Investment range of Rs 10–15 lakhs.

To Apply For This Franchise:

  • Fill out the application online.
  • Understand and sign the agreement.
  • Sign and forward on the lassi shop address.
  • Await their confirmation.

Benefits of Starting The Lassi Shop Franchise in India

Some potential benefits include:

  • A well-known beverage franchise delivers quick brand awareness and credibility, saving time and effort when building a brand from the beginning.
  • Franchises usually have a successful business model. Operation, marketing, and other critical business components have been tested and refined by the franchisor.
  • A franchise network may allow bulk supply and ingredient purchases, saving money through economies of scale.
  • Franchisees standardise systems and procedures, simplifying daily operations. This can boost efficiency and reduce errors.
  • Franchising helps entrepreneurs to use a successful brand to reach new markets faster than beginning a business.

Why 2024 is a lucrative year for Starting A Beverage Franchise in India?

There are several reasons associated with the beverage franchise business being a lucrative opportunity in India of which here are a few:

  1. Rise in disposable incomes: An expanding middle class and rising disposable income have resulted in an increase in the number of consumers in India who are prepared to spend money on premium beverages and convenience foods, which has created a market that has the potential to be lucrative.
  2. Rising Health Awareness: In India, there is a growing awareness of health and wellbeing, which has led to an increase in the demand for beverage options that are healthier. This market trend presents an opportunity for franchises that provide beverages that are both natural and healthful.
  3. Young Population: There is a sizeable youth population in India, and the choices of young people frequently determine the direction that market trends take. There is a possibility of success for franchises that cater to the interests and tastes of the younger demographic.
  4. Rapid increase in the QSR Segment: In India, the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry is experiencing fast expansion, and beverages are an essential component of the QSR experience. There is potential for beverage franchises to profit from this trend.
  5. Rise in Tourism and Hospitality Industry: India is a popular tourism destination, both within its borders and among visitors from other countries. It is possible for beverage franchises, particularly those that are situated in tourist hotspots, to reap the benefits of the consistent influx of tourists.

Other Top Lassi Franchises To Consider in India 2024

While you venture into the franchising journey, here are some more options you can consider depending on your investment range:

  1. Lassi N Shakes:

    1. Since May 2019, the brand has opened 175+ Indian locations. Company management has 25+ years of hotel management experience. 

    2. Best quality, right quantity, and affordable pricing define Lassi n Shakes. A one-stop shop for sweets. It offers Kulfi, Faloods, Icecreams, Sundaes, Smoothies, Fresh Juices, Protein Drinks, Dryfruit Shakes, Chocolate and coffee Shakes, and their contemporary Must-Try bowls in addition to Healthy Lassi.

    3. The investment range is around Rs 4-8 lakhs.

  2. Lassi Corner:

    1. Designed with a concept and belief of making beverages with natural ingredients.  They have a motivated team which helps encourage entrepreneurs to start a Lassi Corner franchise in a hassle-free way.

    2. The investment range is around Rs 4-8 lakhs.

  3. Lassi Bistro:

    1. Lassi Bistro was first introduced to the public in Bangalore in 2017, and it quickly became so well-liked and well-liked that it began to develop locations all over India. In just two short years, it expanded its operations in Telangana, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu. 

    2. This expansion was made possible by the knowledge of Lassi and Desserts as well as its capabilities in research and development located all over the world. As a Lassi brand that is constantly expanding, Lassi Bistro has a lot to offer to franchise owners of many types of businesses.

    3. The investment range is around Rs 10-15 lakhs.

  4. Lassi Magic: 

    1. Started in 2016, Anas's kitchen served as the testing ground for one product after another, including some of the most popular Lassi, Belgium Chocolate Shake, and Hard Rock Coffee on our current menu. These beverages were created with the intention of introducing fresh and healthful beverages to the general public.

    2. The investment range is around Rs 30-40 lakhs.

To Conclude,

Get in touch with us at FranchiseBazar to know more about all the beverage franchises in India.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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