Why Tibbs Frankie is the best Fast Food Franchise in India for 2024?

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Written By: Resham Daswani

Rolls wraps and Frankies, is the best and most preferred fast-food option available for many individuals on the go and therefore, it is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. Since it is the fastest, why not make it an opportunity to grab if you are planning to start a fast food franchise anywhere in 2024?

Yeah, we are talking about the top fast-food franchises in India, especially those that are famous for their rolls, frankies and wraps. So grab a  bite and sit back as we take you on a journey into the best rolls franchise in India - none other than the Tibbs Frankie franchise—its stand across the country, benefits and requirements to get started and some other preferred brands that follow this list.

So hop on!

Tibbs Frankie Franchise - How It All Started in India

In the year 1967, Mr Amarjit Tibb was travelling back from London via Beirut. While in Beirut, he enjoyed a pita wrap that was a unique Lebanese dish that featured a wide variety of fillings.  

After his return, he spent a year conducting experiments in order to find the ideal combination of curried meats and veggies with the wrap. As a result, the Frankie was formed, and it was first introduced to the public in Mumbai in February of 1969.

After taking the market by storm, the brand Tibbs became synonymous with food that was not only delicious but also of high quality and value for the money.

Their distinctive selling proposition is the carefully selected assortment of Frankie fillings, each of which has its distinctive flavour, as well as the Frankie Masala, which is a recipe that is well guarded by the family. 

It is one of the most successful fast-food franchises in India because it offers a wide range of delicious and high-quality momos and hot dogs at prices that are accessible. These dishes are designed by skilled chefs.

Why Choose Tibbs Frankie Franchise Opportunity?

  • A Very Short Time to Payback and a Very Low Investment
  • With a Zero Royalty Model, food costs are approximately forty per cent, and profit margins are guaranteed.
  • The Centralised Model of Product Standardisation, with 90% of the preparation taking place in the base kitchen
  • Iconic Quick-Service Restaurant Brand with fifty years of experience in the industry

Benefits of Being a Tibbs Frankie Franchise Owner in India 2024

If you are thinking about becoming a franchise owner for a certain brand, you should do your research on the many benefits that the firm offers. 

The following are some of the many benefits of starting a Tibbs Frankie franchise:

  1. Diversified menu options: Frankie's wide selection is the brand's biggest benefit. Tibbs Frankie offers both veg and non-veg Frankie for the finest results, showing that they understand Indian tastes. The menu is so varied that customers salivate over which Frankie to get. A diverse menu attracts more customers and boosts commerce, leading to more earnings.
  2. Their Unique Selling Proposition: The brand's secret masala has kept it going for almost three decades in India and now beyond. Anyone who has tried Tibbs Frankie knows about its secret masala, whose recipe is secretive and unknown. Many people like Tibbs Frankie for its masala. All Frankie kinds are known for its masala, which cannot be matched.
  3. Pocket-Friendly Options: Every brand needs more than brand value and a large menu to attract customers. In India, where most individuals are middle-class, they must also consider affordability. Despite their uniqueness, Tibbs Frankie remains affordable and competitive. Customers like Frankie because it's cheap and tasty.
  4. Top-notch training and support: The brand’s franchise unit support structure is a blessing for everyone. The brand provides training, coaching, pre-franchise support, and post-operations support. One of the most important aspects when choosing a brand is their high-return, low-investment approach.
  5. Tibbs Frankie Franchise Cost and Requirements

Here are some of the prerequisites for starting a Tibbs Frankie franchise in India.

  • Investment range between Rs 3-5 lakhs

  • Minimum area range of 50–150 square feet.

  • Prior experience in the franchising business is preferable or a basic understanding of marketing skills and management is required.

  • 2-3 employees who will need to undergo proper training from the franchisor.

For more details, you can log on to their website and fill out their application form.

Benefits of Starting a Fast Food Franchise in India in 2024

Starting a fast food franchise in India is a profitable and promising opportunity for all aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start their own business in 2024.

Here are some benefits which you would come across:

  1. India has a large, diverse population with distinct tastes. This diversity allows menu items to be tailored to regional and cultural tastes.
  2. The Indian fast-food sector is growing due to changing lifestyles, urbanisation, and rising disposable income. This tendency is likely to continue, giving newcomers huge development potential.
  3. Indian consumers are more accepting of multinational fast-food brands. Well-known multinational franchises have made the market more open to newcomers.
  4. Many global fast-food brands provide franchisees with training, marketing, and operating requirements. 
  5. The learning curve for franchisees is often reduced by established and optimised operational processes. This can speed up and improve corporate operations.

Although these advantages are substantial, it is essential to carry out exhaustive market research, get an understanding of the local rules, and take into consideration the competition before beginning a fast-food franchise in India or any other market.

Other Top 4 Fast Food Franchises In India to Consider in 2024

  1. Kathi Queen

    1. In response to the overwhelming demand for genuine tandoori Kathi rolls in the Delhi/National Capital Region area, "KATHI QUEEN" was launched as a sub-brand of LFFB. LFFB already has several brands that it uses to meet the demands of its clients all around Delhi and the National Capital Region. 

    2. Having the appropriate strategy in place at the right time with the right vendor, mentor, or person is the most critical aspect of the food and beverage industry. So that LFFB can reach the people who are seeking its authentic food and anyone may open a restaurant from the comfort of their own home, the business strategy of "KATHI QUEEN" is an innovative idea in and of itself. 

    3. Paneer, masala chicken, veg delight, crispy aloo, and many more rolls are available at Kathi Queen, and they're all wonderful and reasonably priced.

    4. The investment range is between Rs 5-10 lakhs with an area space required of less than 250 sq ft.

  2. Kathi Nation

    1. Established in 2017 by the Skyland Group of enterprises, known for their affordable QSR (Quality Service Restaurants), Kathi Nation is a renowned fast food chain hailing from Kolkata.

    2. Mr Saurabh's culinary expertise and great customer service quality from his career in the hospitality sector have guided Kathi Nation from humble beginnings as an eatery to a well-known brand in India's capital city.

    3. The investment range is between 15-20 lakhs with a space of 500-750 square feet.

  3. Kolkata Rolls

    1. In 2011, Mr. Subroto Saha, the sole proprietor of Kolkata Rolls, established the business from a little kiosk located in Hiranandani, Kharghar. As a result of the assistance provided by Ms Sushmita Chatterjee, they began to distribute franchises beginning in the year 2015 and have been instrumental in bringing Kolkata Rolls to its current position.

    2. The investment range is between Rs 15-18 lakhs with a space of around 250 square feet.

  4. Sha Sha Shawarma

    1. Shawarma is a delicacy that originated in the Ottoman Empire and is considered to be a Middle Eastern speciality. It is prepared by roasting thin slices of chicken that have been seasoned on a spindle. The meat slices are folded up into a sandwich wrap using flatbread, and then they are topped with a variety of sauces and vegetables. 

    2. SHAndaar SHAwarma is one of the most well-known brands of shawarma in Hyderabad, and it first opened its mouthwatering doors in the year 2015. To fulfil his dream of being an entrepreneur, Mr. Praneeth opened his first joint. Currently, he operates ten of these outlets in the city of Hyderabad, and he is looking forward to opening even more outlets in the not-too-distant future.

    3. The investment range is between Rs 5 and 10 lakhs, with a space of around 250 square feet.


Q.1. Why invest in a food franchise in India?

There are several advantages associated with franchises, including the familiarity of the brand, help and direction from the franchisor, and an established client base. The industry of fast food is also very popular, which means that there is constant demand for it.

Q.2. What is the market size of the fast food business in India?

An estimated 171.90 billion Indian rupees was the worth of India's quick-service restaurant (QSR) business in 2022. With a predicted CAGR of 20.47 per cent, it will reach 431.27 billion rupees in 2027. Forecasts put the market size at 38.71 billion USD in 2029, up from an anticipated 23.16 billion USD in 2023.

Q.3. What are the segments of the fast food industry in India?

The fast food industry is segmented into cuisines like ice creams, bakeries, pizzas, wraps and rolls, burgers and sandwiches.

To Conclude,

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