Wow Momo Franchise Unifies with Wow Eats in 2023

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Wow Momos - A name that makes our mouth tingle with joy.  So what are you? A fan of momo and dumplings and also interested in starting a franchise? Well, we can help you while you wish you venture into this most commonly eaten street food not only in India but also across the globe.

We spoke about the famous Wow Momos but it has two other concepts which are popular across the country namely Wow Chicken & Wow China.  So what happens when all three unify together.  Let’s see.  Wow Momo + Wow China + Wow Chicken are unifying in India to launch their new format - Wow Eats!  Yes, you heard that right.

Wow Eats in India is all set to start its first Quick Service Restaurant unit, which will be a combination of Wow Momos, Wow Chicken & Wow China.  Exciting news isn’t it.  Now you can get a taste of all their top foods under one roof.

Wow Momo Franchise, Cost & Benefits of Starting a Wow Eats Franchise in India

WOW! MOMO fast food franchise in India is well-known for serving momos. The franchise has a leg up on the competition thanks to its ambitious plans to grow into a major employer and an employee-centric, profitable business.

Known for their delicious Momo or Dumplings, which are famous in Nepal, Tibet, and India, the franchise has more than 300 locations in 17 cities across the country and employs more than 3,500 people.

Nevertheless, the franchise caters to a variety of dishes under one-umbrella from momos, rice bowls, starters, desserts and beverages.  This is a brand which is has huge expansion plans over the coming years, aiming to be the top QSR franchise in India, by introducing their concept of Wow!Eats.

Here are a few reasons which could convince you of the benefits of acquiring a Wow Momo franchise in India.

1. Strong Prospects for Future Growth

First, the fast-food and ready-to-product industries are expected to expand rapidly in the coming years, creating a wealth of new business possibilities for the applicant to investigate and exploit.

2. Royalty Fees

Due to the franchise's adoption of the FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) Model, no royalty fees will be required.

3. Minimal Startup Costs

When compared to other fast food franchises, WOW MOMO has a lower initial investment cost and a greater potential return. Having a well-known brand name on your side will make running a business much easier.

4. Full Infrastructure Support

The retail chain provides full assistance, from the set up of the store and staff training to marketing and operational strategies.

5.  Reasonably Priced, Wide Selection of Meals

Its menu prices vary from just Rs.40 to Rs.400, making it possible for interested unit holders to attract new customers and, in turn, generate exceptional revenue growth.

6.  Accolades and Honours

WOW MOMO has been expanding rapidly and has won numerous awards for its groundbreaking work in the fast food industry, making it possible for local residents to seize a once-in-a-lifetime chance.

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Wow Momo Franchise Cost & Profit Margin in India

Franchise fees, royalties, distribution fees, and dealer fees are all things to consider, but so is the fact that you'll need some operating capital to get your company off the ground. Depending on the region and the size of the store, the initial investment for a Wow franchise can be anywhere from Rs. 8 Lakh to Rs.20 lakhs.

Here are the 3 different formats for Wow Momos Franchise in India

1. Distributorship Model

2. Franchise Model

3. Kiosk Model

Depending on the format you choose, the investment and the profit will vary.

Wow Momos Franchise Requirements, Contact Numbers, and Fees

Now that you have decided to start a Wow Momo franchise in India, it is advisable to do proper market research, and analysis and also research the city you are looking to invest in.

Once you have done the research and necessary analysis, you can choose the business model that fits your budget.  As per the company, only those entrepreneurs are liable franchise owners who:

  • A natural leader, dedicated to his or her customers, willing to work as part of a team, and able to calmly and competently answer any questions that may arise.
  • The franchisee is required to have a high school diploma and take part in all operational aspects of the company.
  • The franchise provides a two-month training programme that covers everything from on-the-job training and an apprenticeship to technological guidance so that franchisees can run the company efficiently and profitably over the long term.

Here are the steps to start a Wow Momo Franchise in India.

  • You'll need to proceed to their official website and fill out the required information (name, shop address, email-ID, phone number, investment amount, and state).
  • Someone from the sales department will get in touch with you after you submit the form.
  • The franchise application process can also be initiated via WhatsApp (the number is listed on the website).
  • Once your franchise application has been accepted, they will send you an Approval Letter along with fresh marketing, PR, and employee training materials and ongoing support from our sales and operations staff.
  • After receiving the letter of approval, the franchisee must pay the Rs.35,000/ + 18% Registration fee to secure the suggested location.
  • After registering, you'll need to secure the local permits and licences essential to operating your business legally.

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About Wow!Eats - The New QSR Franchise in India

Wow!'s new Quick Service Restaurant is here. Momo Foods Pvt. Ltd. provides the finest of three different types of Wow! Wow! serves delicious food that you will love.

  • Wow, Momo!
  • Wow, that chicken is impressive.
  • Wow, China.

A one-stop shop for all things Wow! Multi-Brand Momo Foods with a Single, Consolidated Platform. The combination of these three cooking forces is phenomenal.  The company plans to further its web presence and roll out an app. All three brands will be available for delivery and takeout purchases through this app.

Wow! Eats has opened its first restaurant in Chennai, and it has plans to open nine more in other major towns across the country.

Wow Momos Franchise FAQs

Q.1. What is the USP of the Wow Momo franchise in India?

Wow! Moburg, Chocolate Momo, Momo Aug'ratine, etc. are just a few of the many examples of Momo's lengthy history of coming up with novel and creative products. Products for occasions like Valentine's Day are created so as to maintain customer loyalty.

Q.2. Is the Wow Momo franchise profitable in India?

Well, the answer is a simple Yes.  With the growing demand for QSR and the popularity of momos across the globe, this is a profitable opportunity in India.

Q.3. Why Wow! Eats is a promising franchise opportunity in India.

Our goal with Wow! Eats is to join the pure platform play, tripling our strength and equipment to offer customers more variety and strategically own a larger portion of the stomach.


Is Wow! Momo Foods Pvt Ltd's new one-stop-shop eatery is something you're interested in trying out?

Wow! Momo is giving you the opportunity to start a franchise business in India and expand along with them. Nevertheless, people who aren't particularly passionate about food can still consider this franchise if they're looking for a lucrative opportunity in the food service sector.

The company will give you a tonne of opportunities for a relatively low outlay of cash. We trust you've learned everything you needed to know about starting a Wow! Momo franchise, including how much one will cost you, from this article. If our article has been useful feel free to leave a comment in the box below.

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