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Employees / Investors / Franchisees / Vendors BEWARE of SP Robotics - Once they take your money, they stop replying to phone calls and emails. - Once you have invested / given credit, then you are stuck. - Top-down culture of lying, misrepresenting and cheating all the time. - Unpaid GST & TDS and returns not filed, tax credit could not be availed. - Breaking promises, agreed fees & charges in contracts increased unilaterally. - Kits and spare components not yet supplied even after 2 years! - Unviable business, trapping new investors & franchisees with blatant lies, exaggerations & misrepresentations. - Honest junior employees feel helpless with their management cheating going against the employees’ family values. They complain that even their salaries & employee provident fund contributions are unpaid. - They are blatantly lying and spoiling the name of Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Mr. Laxmi Narayanan, CK Ranganathan, Dr. Uma Ganesh and Indian Angel Network (IAN). Times Group investment arm burnt their fingers as even their GST dues were also not paid to the government. - Several of us middle-aged honest people gave up their jobs, borrowed money to enter the noble profession of education based on lies of SP Robotics Management. They fooled us into taking franchise and once we invested our money and life, their leadership team stopped replying and broke all promises through employees. But we are now stuck because of these cheaters. - Legal actions initiated against them. - Silently they have changed their address without informing anyone. - They have now employed new managers who say we don’t know about previous promises and are breaking legal agreements and trapping & cheating more innocent employees, investors & franchisees. Positives: We franchisees got involved as Automation & AI education is an exciting field, but they are cheaters. Education has no place for cheaters. CAUTION: Do extra due diligence if you ever do business with SP Robotics. Never give money as once you give it you will be trapped. Ask for last audited accounts & all lies will be exposed. Beware of husband-wife Sneha Priya & Pranavan Santhanakrishnan, Aarthi Muralitharan, Manikandan Ramaswamy or Rahul Mathur. Call up the Maker Lab Owners / Franchisees directly. Make them give you in writing lab locations with contact details of lab owners / franchisees to find the reality of whether they actually have 81 Labs as they claim. They are LYING!

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