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Brewed Leaf
Space Req.
250 - 500 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs
Franchise Outlets
Less than 10

Brewed Leaf Tea 

  1. Brand Overview:

    • Brewed Leaf is a modern tea brand focused on making tea accessible and delicious.
    • They source high-quality tea leaves from premium estates in India and abroad.
    • Expert tea tasters ensure consistent, exceptional tea quality.
  2. Wide Tea Variety:

    • Brewed Leaf offers a diverse range of teas, including Darjeeling, Assam, Green, White, Black, and Herbal teas.
    • They also feature specialty teas like 7 Spice Masala Chai and Chamomile Tea.
  3. Mission and Values:

    • Brewed Leaf sees tea as a way to connect with culture and heritage.
    • They believe in the positive impact of tea on mental and physical health.
    • Their mission is to revitalize health through quality, diverse teas.
  4. Quality Assurance:

    • The brand ensures premium quality by hand-picking tea leaves from boutique estates.
    • Emphasis on handmade processes from tea production to packaging.
    • Rigorous quality controls to deliver the freshest tea, from the garden to the cup.
  5. World of Tea Enjoyment:

    • Brewed Leaf's vision is to create a world where everyone can enjoy the simple pleasure of tea.
    • They evaluate tea based on various quality standards, from appearance to taste and texture.
  6. Tea Expertise:

    • Brewed Leaf takes pride in their tea blending expertise, passed down through generations.
    • In-depth knowledge of both tea and the gardens where it's sourced ensures characteristic quality.
  7. Market Reach:

    • Brewed Leaf caters to both the Indian Tea market and the Global Export market.
    • They offer collaborations for tea requirements from India, extending their reach to a global audience.

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Operations Commenced On: 2020 Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 2023 Number of Employees: 30
Business Models
Industry Segment Investment Franchise Fee Space Expected No of Hours / month Expansion Location/s
Food Franchise Others Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs 250 - 500 10 - 20hrs 5 places
Beverage Franchise Coffee and Tea Cafe Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs 250 - 500 10 - 20hrs 30 places
Preferred Expansion Locations
South India, North India, West India, East India, Union Territorie, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, South India, Goa, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Bihar, Jharkhand, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra,
Ideal Entrepreneur Profile
What should be the Education level of an Entrepreneur? : Not Revealed
What should be the skill set of an Entrepreneur? :
Not Revealed
What is that the business seek from an Entrepreneur? : No Ideal Franchisee Profile
Previous Experience of Entrepreneur? :
Not Revealed
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Business Information
How many franchisees are presently operational in home country? : Less than 10
How many franchisees do you have across the world? : Not Revealed
Franchisees presently available in home country at : Not Revealed
How many company owned outlets do you have? : Less than 10
Company owned outlets presently available at : Not Revealed
Documentation Details
Do you have a Franchise Agreement? : Yes
Term of Agreement? : 3 Years
Do you have an Operations Manual? : Yes
Do you have a Bankable Business Plan? : Yes
Training Details
Do you have a Training Manual? : Yes
Where is the Initial Training conducted? : Siliguri
How long is the Initial Training Programme? : 3 Days - 1 Week
Mention a few lines on the post start up training assistance the company provides :

Here are some details about the post-startup training assistance that Brewed Leaf Cafe provides to franchisees:

  1. Comprehensive Onboarding: Upon becoming a Brewed Leaf Cafe franchisee, you will receive comprehensive onboarding to familiarize you with our brand, products, and operating procedures. This training ensures that you are fully prepared to run a successful cafe.

  2. Product Knowledge: We believe in the importance of tea expertise. Our post-startup training includes in-depth product knowledge sessions. You'll learn about our premium tea selection, brewing techniques, and how to create a memorable tea experience for your customers.

  3. Operational Excellence: Brewed Leaf is committed to helping you achieve operational excellence. You'll receive training in inventory management, customer service, and efficient cafe management. We'll equip you with the skills to run your cafe smoothly.

  4. Marketing Support: Marketing is key to the success of any business. We provide guidance on local marketing strategies, social media promotion, and brand consistency. You'll learn how to create effective marketing campaigns to attract and retain customers.

  5. Ongoing Support: Our support doesn't end with initial training. Brewed Leaf offers continuous support, including regular check-ins, performance analysis, and access to a dedicated support team. We're here to help you navigate challenges and seize opportunities.

  6. Customized Training: We understand that every location and franchisee is unique. Our training is customized to meet your specific needs and the requirements of your cafe. We work closely with you to address your individual goals and challenges.

Brewed Leaf Cafe's commitment to your success goes beyond the startup phase. Our post-startup training ensures that you have the knowledge, skills, and ongoing support needed to thrive as a part of the Brewed Leaf family.

Business Suitability
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for women? : No
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Senior citizens, retired professionals and/or people above 50 years of age? : No
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Fresh Graduates and/or Students? : No
Can the franchisee work from home? : No
Is Franchise/Business franchising internationally? : No
Is Franchise/Business seeking Multiple/Master Franchisees? : No
Does this Franchise/Business qualify as a Multi Level Marketing Opportunity - MLM Business? : No
Is this Frnachise/Business a Manufacturing/Job work or an assembly related opportunity? : No

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