Chop Shop Barber Brand - Franchise Opportunity
Chop Shop  Barber  Brand
Space Req.
1000 - 2000 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 40Lakhs- 50Lakhs
Franchise Outlets
Less than 10
Chop Shop  Barber  Brand

The Chop Shop is the inspired brainchild of Canadian fashion, celebrity and advertising photographer Martin Prihoda. Along with his wife and partner Tonia Clark, Martin has witnessed the vast and growing demand for premium men's grooming in India. In a country filled with generic unisex salons, it was high time to do something very different. Combining a passion for both motorcycles and a great hot towel shave, Martin and his partners conceptualized and opened Chop Shop in Goa in May 2018. The name draws inspiration from motorcycle culture where mechanics and builders would “chop” up their bikes and modify them. The vision is to amalgamate the gritty masculinity of a garage with the upscale feel of an old-style New York barbershop. Combining a man’s love for adventure with his need to look and feel great, Chop Shop focuses on providing an exceptional male grooming experience in a hip and contemporary setting (with a tinge of 1920's American nostalgia. THE HIPPEST LITTLE BARBERSHOP THIS SIDE OF THE HIMALAYAS Chop Shop is an ideal place to get a decent upmarket shave and haircut in goa. The brain behind this opening is of Martin Prihoda, who along with his wife and Tonia Clark, worked to satisfy the demand for premium men’s grooming.

The name Chop Shop is a combination of the passion for motorcycle and hot towel shower. Martin in 2018, gave a practical shape to his idea that is- Chop Shop. Chopshop worked with the vision to Amalgamate the masculinity of a garage with the feel of upscale of an old-style New York barbershop. In a hip and contemporary setting of the shop, Chop Shop puts an effort into providing an exceptional male grooming experience, fulfilling both the trendy demand of a man that is man’s love for adventure with his need to look and feel good. A valuable asset of Chop Shop is the barbers- best of the best. They became the first UK GBBA level, 3 certified barbers, in India. They, with their skill and blade and scissors, assure that the customers look their ultimate best.

This shop has developed in its services from hot towel shaves and haircuts to massages, beard work, and facial cleanup. 

For an amazing experience, one must visit Chop Shop

Operations Commenced On: 2018 Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 2019 Number of Employees: 15
Business Models
Industry Segment Investment Franchise Fee Space Expected No of Hours / month Expansion Location/s
Beauty Franchise Beauty Salons Rs. 40Lakhs- 50Lakhs Rs. 15Lakhs - 20Lakhs 1000 - 2000 20 - 30hrs Not Revealed12 places
Preferred Expansion Locations
Lucknow, Kanpur, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Visakhapatnam, Bhopal, Indore, Jaipur, Nagpur, Vadodara, Patna, Chandigarh,
Ideal Entrepreneur Profile
What should be the Education level of an Entrepreneur? : Doctoral Degree - Ph.D., J.D., M.D. etc..
What should be the skill set of an Entrepreneur? :
Should be good at management
Should be good at marketing and sales
Should be good at business development
Should be good at operations
Should have good communication and interpersonal skill
Should be good at customer service
Should like being in the front
Should be meticulous and have an eye for detail
What is that the business seek from an Entrepreneur? : No Ideal Franchisee Profile
Previous Experience of Entrepreneur? :
Owning a Business previously works best for you.
Self Employeed Professional are an ideal fit.
Students/Fresh Graduates/Others suits our opportunity.
Frequently Asked Questions
why does your franchise have high chances for success ?
Everything we have worked so hard on and achieved thus far with Chop Shop, has constituted to be a recipe for success in Goa and Kerala and we want to share that recipe with similar minded passionate entrepreneurs who have an affinity for grooming and making money while looking and feeling great. Last but not the least, we make owning a Chop Shop as seamless as possible as a Chop Shop Franchisee gets a turnkey fully designed and operational barbershop with trained barbers and products enough to last you for two operational months. Making sure your operations are smooth sailing from day number 1.
Reasons as to why anybody should choose your franchise?
The awesome part of owning a Chop Shop, is the ability to stand out and be completely unique from any other business in your city. This is because, there is no other high-end International standards Barbershop lifestyle brand in India. That in itself, has been a very successful point of differentiation for our current two stores in Goa and Kochi. Both our locations boast a 4.8+ Rating on Google Reviews and we have been blessed with a revenue growth of 20% Year on Year in our Goa location. In fact, our business proved to be Corona proof, as our business remained resilient and in truth, we generated 21% more revenue during the Pandemic year than we did in the year before the Pandemic. Our Kochi location has already achieved break even in terms of their monthly OPEX within the first 2 months of being fully operational. Average spend per customer in Chop Shop in Goa is Rs. 1262 and Rs. 1408 in Kochi. Average time a customer spends in our stores is 53 Minutes. Average Monthly Footfall in th
In what period will the franchise get back the entire capital invested?
18 months to 24 Months
What other revenue streams does your franchise have ?
Our FOFO Chop Shop model is future proof, as we feature an array of revenue streams for a Franchisee to earn from based on the size of the store and locality. In addition to our barbering services, we carry our own line of men's grooming products and merchandise for sale which include very healthy margins and we offer other services such as Manicures, Pedicures, Massages, Piercings, Tattoo's etc. These ancillary services helps maximize revenue potential of each sqft. The biggest benefit of owning a Chop Shop, is that our grooming services are a necessity for every man. Once a man walks into Chop Shop and experiences our high end North American quality grooming services, they inadvertently convert into lifelong loyal customers. There is no need to hard sell/convince a customer to keep revisiting us. They automatically return, because we all know, cutting your hair at home is not rational.
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Business Information
How many franchisees are presently operational in home country? : Less than 10
How many franchisees do you have across the world? : No Franchisee
Franchisees presently available in home country at : Not Revealed
How many company owned outlets do you have? : Less than 10
Company owned outlets presently available at : Not Revealed
Documentation Details
Do you have a Franchise Agreement? : Yes
Term of Agreement? : 10+ Years
Do you have an Operations Manual? : No
Do you have a Bankable Business Plan? : No
Training Details
Do you have a Training Manual? : Yes
Where is the Initial Training conducted? : Goa
How long is the Initial Training Programme? : 1 - 3 Months
Mention a few lines on the post start up training assistance the company provides :

Chop Shop provides a comprehensive 1 month post start up training assistance program which includes ensuring the Barber's SOP's are followed with the highest quality standards and the Manger is trained extensively to handle all operational aspects of the Chop Shop. 

Business Suitability
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for women? : Yes
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Senior citizens, retired professionals and/or people above 50 years of age? : Yes
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Fresh Graduates and/or Students? : Yes
Can the franchisee work from home? : No
Is Franchise/Business franchising internationally? : No
Is Franchise/Business seeking Multiple/Master Franchisees? : Yes
Does this Franchise/Business qualify as a Multi Level Marketing Opportunity - MLM Business? : No
Is this Frnachise/Business a Manufacturing/Job work or an assembly related opportunity? : No

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