Jan-Pro India - Franchise Opportunity
Business is on Platinum Plus Plan
Jan-Pro India
Space Req.
Less than 250 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 50Lakhs - 75Lakhs
Franchise Outlets
Less than 10
Jan-Pro India

About us:

JAN PRO is an American company which was established in 1991 in Atlanta. 

With over 35,000 clients globally and a 96% retention rate, we are pioneers in the field of Housekeeping and Facility management

We are currently present in 28 cities in India and have over 300 clients. 

JAN PRO offers entrepeneurs a unique opportunity to set up a large turnover based business without the risk of inventory management. We have 7 region amsters in India, who report an average ROI of 70% year on year and all of whom are profitable.




Operations Commenced On: 2015 Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 2014 Number of Employees: 3500
Business Models
Industry Segment Investment Franchise Fee Space Expected No of Hours / month Expansion Location/s
Cleaning Franchise Commercial Cleaning Services Rs. 50Lakhs - 75Lakhs Rs. 40Lakhs- 50Lakhs Less than 250 30 - 40hrs Not RevealedNot Revealed9 places
Preferred Expansion Locations
Ahmedabad, Kochi, Patna, Ranchi, Guwahati, Goa, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kolkata,
Ideal Entrepreneur Profile
What should be the Education level of an Entrepreneur? : Master's Degree - M.A., M.S., MBA, MFA etc..
What should be the skill set of an Entrepreneur? :
Should be good at management
Should be good at marketing and sales
Should be good at business development
Should have leadership abilities
What is that the business seek from an Entrepreneur? : We are looking for entrepreneurs who are looking to create and lead a service based organization. Our current franchisees are well educated and have either corporate experience or have managed businesses before. They are excellent leaders and excel in client management
Previous Experience of Entrepreneur? :
Owning a Business previously works best for you.
Employees who have worked in companies are a good match.
Self Employeed Professional are an ideal fit.
Frequently Asked Questions
1) List the top 3 reasons as to why anybody should choose your franchise?
Housekeeping is the industry which cleans the premises of corporate offices, schools, hospitals, restaurants, cinema halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums etc. Housekeeping companies provide the following services to clients 1) Trained Manpower 2) Chemicals and consumables 3) Equipment
2) This looks like a small industry!
Housekeeping is a massive industry. The market size in India is INR 50,000 Cr. QSR (Quick service restaurants) market is close to 8000 Cr, Fitness market is 7000 Cr and Preschool market is 8500 Cr. As you can see Housekeeping is a massive market and acquiring the region master rights for an International brand gives you the opportunity to gain a good share of this huge market!
3) Sounds very labour intensive. I do not want to manage so many people!
You will only be managing 2-5 employees in your office The actual housekeepers will be managed by your Operations team who will be your business partners.
4) It's tough to arrange a lot of manpower!
Existing Jan Pro franchisees employ Unit executives have deployed close to 5000 housekeepers. It is easy once you have the right sources and Jan Pro helps you identify the right sources!
5) What is the investment and RoI?
For investment in various territories please refer to table in page 1. Impress on him the fact the entire investment can be done in three tranches. RoI - In a 5-year timeline, your minimum RoI is 4.5 times your total investment. The franchise rights are for 10 years, so in the long run your RoI could be as high as 10-15 times your total investment. In addition, your equity in the franchise is highly re-sellable-Jan Pro international is completely owned by a PE fund called Webster capital and should you choose to sell your business after 5-10 years the returns could be massive!
6) Why are you not explaining the whole model to me? I want more information before the brand call!
This brand likes to talk to prospects directly! Also they have a unique 5 step process through which you can take an informed decision about whether you want to take up this franchisee. The first call will give you more information about the business model
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Business Information
How many franchisees are presently operational in home country? : Less than 10
How many franchisees do you have across the world? : No Franchisee
Franchisees presently available in home country at : Not Revealed
How many company owned outlets do you have? : Less than 10
Company owned outlets presently available at : Not Revealed
Documentation Details
Do you have a Franchise Agreement? : Yes
Term of Agreement? : 10+ Years
Do you have an Operations Manual? : Yes
Do you have a Bankable Business Plan? : Yes
Training Details
Do you have a Training Manual? : Yes
Where is the Initial Training conducted? : Mumbai
How long is the Initial Training Programme? : 3 Days - 1 Week
Mention a few lines on the post start up training assistance the company provides :

At JAN PRO, we ensure that all our franchisees are operating a profitable business. 

The following are some of myriad post start up assistance we provide


            a)  Our national sales team generates about 10 Cr in business annually. Any business of a client present in a franchised region, is passed directly to the franchisee to manage. 

            b)  We organise JSLT (Jan pro Sales Leadership Training) every 6 months to further improve franchisee sales teams 


            a) We organise JOLT (Jan pro Operations Leadership Training) every 6 months to strengthen  franchisee Operations teams 


           a) We also train accounts personnel, as and when the franchisees see fit

Business Suitability
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for women? : Yes
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Senior citizens, retired professionals and/or people above 50 years of age? : Yes
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Fresh Graduates and/or Students? : Yes
Can the franchisee work from home? : No
Is Franchise/Business franchising internationally? : No
Is Franchise/Business seeking Multiple/Master Franchisees? : Yes
Does this Franchise/Business qualify as a Multi Level Marketing Opportunity - MLM Business? : No
Is this Frnachise/Business a Manufacturing/Job work or an assembly related opportunity? : No

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