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By FranchiseBazar on Mar 21, 2020 | views

1. What is the main reason your brand is considered as the best with franchisees and customers in the IELTS coaching industry?

We are the ONLY institution  in India to teach Pattern Based Writing and Method Based Speaking Techniques. It should make IELTS for non - English medium students also easy to master the language. Most students who come for coaching are non -English medium students.

2. There has been a slowdown in the Indian economy in recent times. Will this impact the business?

Most young people who are aspiring to go to offshore universities to pursue their dreams are in the lookout for a well-known IELTS coaching institute. According to what we have seen, the number of enrolments goes up whenever the economy slows down. This is because of the drop in job options in the country.

3. We have heard that your franchise model is unique. What makes it unique?

We are investor -friendly. Considering the money the investors are likely to make from this business, the terms that we offer are affordable and reasonable. Apart from the franchise fee, just 10% of the annual revenues is what we ask for.

Over the years, we have been able to establish the Cosmo Centre for Excellence as the leading institute in the IELTS coaching industry . What makes us unique is, we have developed our own techniques, which we alone teach in India. We can provide training to our franchisees either through tailored videos or at our centres in Kerala. We also give commission to franchisees for every overseas candidate who registers with us to study abroad. That would be a part of their overseas tuition fees.

4 . What are your top priorities for the next 12-24 months?

Our app would be in the market in the next 3 months. That would help us reach more customers worldwide. We also hope to expand our centres throughout south India at the first instance and after establishing a foothold in the south, we aim to make it pan - India.