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Chocolate and candy is an evergreen market, India is one of the highest chocolate consumers in the world. The confectionary industry in the country has a CAGR of 19.9% between 2012- 15 and is reported to grow to 20.6% 2016-20 therefore showing that the market will never depreciate for a confectionary business be it any type of chocolate being sold in the country. There are many top chocolate franchises or chocolate store franchise that can be taken up and ventured into. Big chocolate brands like Swiss chocolate franchise are present for entrepreneurs to grab and you can also start a personalized chocolate franchise of your own. With the amount of market this industry consists of the availability of chocolate shop franchise opportunities in India will only grow and demands like chocolate franchise for sale, chocolate franchise in India will also escalate in future.

With the industry stats of 20.6% growth by the year 2020 only goes on to state that the demand for this business will only go up and may not seems to be a failed business idea and therefore, entrepreneurs can explore opportunities in this segment like top chocolate franchises, chocolate store franchise with brand like Swiss chocolate franchise. The market for personalized chocolate franchise has also witnessed good demand for entrepreneurs who want to start a business in this category. Chocolate shop franchise opportunities in India, chocolate franchise for sale, chocolate franchise in India are a few opportunities that entrepreneurs look for when starting this business and we at FranchiseBazar can help entrepreneurs with these opportunities as per their interest and investment.