Best profitable furniture franchise businesses in India for 2022

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Home and office decorating is a business that will never go out of style, and investing in a home and office decorating franchise could be a wise decision. Each interior decorator has access to thousands of designer window treatments, wall and floor coverings, furniture, and accessories, which are delivered directly to each client's home or office. Franchise Bazar has a plethora of Furniture Franchise Businesses in India for 2022 in home and office decorating from which to select a franchisor.


Why a furniture franchise business is a great choice?


Furniture has always played an important but unseen role in everyday life, but the industry has recently witnessed a new era in which demand for furniture is loud and clear. Because of the growing number of offices, changing people's preferences, and a complete lack of alternatives, it has left an entire room open for new experiments to take place, which is why the furniture market field is one of the fastest-growing businesses in recent times.


Aspiring businessmen, startup companies, and budding entrepreneurs may find these points persuasive:


1. Demand:

People's basic needs used to be limited to a bed, chairs, and a table. People's lifestyles have evolved. People are purchasing home decor as well as chairs and tables. It also depends on the interior design of the office or restaurant where people want to spend their time working or relaxing. People's changing lifestyles allow them to spend more money without sacrificing comfort or appearance.


2. Options:

Furniture was once considered a basic necessity, but it has now evolved into a luxury item that fits the buyer's budget. Home décor items inspired by movies or television shows allow businesses to take their creativity to a whole new level. The brick-and-mortar models of furniture shops have limited options to try or go through before finalizing, but the online world now provides them with an infinite number of options.


3. Payment:

To solve this problem, a perfect piece of a luxury item as home décor or furniture costs no less than INR 20,000-30,000, which becomes an expensive affair for middle-class people or bachelors. Furniture can now be purchased on EMIs. Even if one cannot pay the entire amount at once, the option to pay it on a monthly basis is available. It becomes simple for both customers and the company to earn in installments.


4. Customization:

The ability to modify or suggest furniture of any particular design or model has increased consumer interest in the furniture market. A parent, for example, can convert a bed into a bunk bed for their children, which is too foldable. These minor changes appeal to customers in multiple ways. There are restaurants and offices that are designed with a specific theme in mind, so the chairs and tables should match; this is where customization comes into play to attract more customers.


5. Delivery:

Buying furniture and having it delivered are two entirely different things. It is necessary to spend a significant amount of money in order to have furniture delivered to remote locations without a scratch or damage. Furniture companies have made delivery services free, and the servicing company will not only come to deliver the product but will also come for routine polishing and repair if requested. This service has resulted in a large number of satisfied customers in favor of the furniture companies.


What will be the cost of a furniture franchise store in India?

Franchises for furniture brands are appealing to many investors. Nevertheless, they should invest in the Best Furniture Store Franchise Opportunities in India that is flourishing in the market. The cost of a furniture franchise store varies from brand to brand.

When it comes to Pepperfry, it currently operates more than 20 franchise locations across the country. The one-time franchise fee is around 15 Lacs for 5 years, and the infrastructure investment ranges between 30 Lacs and 70 Lacs. Franchisees can keep 90 percent of total revenue and share the remaining 10 percent with the franchisor.

To run this furniture business, they will need a shop of 1250 to 2000 square feet and 3 to 7 employees. The store should have a billing counter, a product display section, air conditioning, CCTV, and an internet connection.


What are the profitable furniture franchise businesses in India?

Pepperfry is the Best Home Furniture Franchise in India. The Pepperfry online furniture and decor store is one of the largest on the web. 1.2 lakh products are available on its website as part of a Mumbai-based firm. It has 70+ studios in 28 cities and is one of the biggest omnichannel brands in India.

Now as per the CEO and co-founder of Pepperfry Ashish Shah “ Pepperfry is expected to be in the unicorn club soon.” He said, “We are in the process of making a change in the company structure. Hopefully, we should be a billion-dollar business very soon. Our IPO value will be in that range.”

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