Best profitable furniture franchise businesses in India for 2022

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Best Profitable Furniture Franchise Businesses In India For 2022

Written by Aditi                                                                                            Nov 26, 2021

Home and office decorating is a timeless industry, and investing in a home and office decorating franchise could be a wise decision. Each interior designer has access to thousands of designer window treatments, wall and floor coverings, furniture, and accessories that are delivered directly to each client's home or office. Furniture Franchise Businesses in India for 2022 are available through Franchise Bazar and include in-home and office decorating.

List of Top 10 Best Furniture Store Franchises in India  to buy in 2022

  1. Pepperfry
  2. Style Spa
  3. Cromatica
  4. Godrej
  5. Comfold
  6. BetterGhar
  7. The Handicrafts
  8. Rawat Brothers
  9. Skylark Furniture
  10. Natural Living

1. Pepperfry Franchise

With over 1.2 lakh products listed and active on our website, Pepperfry is the largest online retailer of furniture and decor in India. The company's studios have grown significantly over the last few years and have contributed dramatically to the overall business platforms. 

Founded: 2012 Investment: ₹.20-30 Lakhs Space: 500-750


2. Style Spa Franchise

In terms of design, form and function need not follow one another but can comfortably coexist together. In India, Style Spa is considered one of the pioneers of modern furniture retailing.

Founded: 1992

Investment: Not Revealed

Space: Less than 250


3. Cromatica Franchise

From Ashirwad Technocrats in India, the Cromatica brand is one of the most recognizable steel kitchen brands. They aim to create spaces that express art, utility, and inspiration in a unique way. 

Founded: 1996

Investment: ₹20-50 Lakhs

Space: 500-2500


4. Godrej Franchise

Ardeshir Godrej and Pirojsha Burjorji Godrej founded this Mumbai-based furniture and home furnishing brand. With over 50 franchise outlets across India, it is currently India's best home furniture franchise.

Founded: 1952

Investment: ₹40-50 Lakhs

Space: 1000-5000


5. Comfold Franchise

With COMFOLD, people can make their living space more efficient while also innovating every day. With its wide array of Foldable Household products and Space Saving Furniture, the brand encourages people to enjoy comfort and freedom. 

Founded: 2011

Investment: ₹30-40 Lakhs

Space: 1000-2000


6. BetterGhar Franchise

With more than 2.5 lakh home interior products available in 40+ categories, Betterghar is the leading online interior store. By providing an integrated shopping platform, end consumers can purchase all the tools and materials they need for residential construction, renovation, or refurbishment, and thus reduce their effort and improve efficiency. 

Founded: 2016

Investment: ₹50-75 Lakhs

Space: 3000-5000


7. The Handicrafts Franchise

Handicrafts and handcrafted products are manufactured, supplied, and exported by The Handicrafts Company. As a result of the handicrafts industry's skilled pool of artisans, craftsmen, and cottage industries, the connoisseurs receive the finest work available.

Founded: Not Revealed

Investment: ₹40-50 Lakhs

Space: Less Than 250


8. Rawat Brothers Franchise

Recent innovations by India, like CNC machines and modular furniture technology, have helped the country adopt more sophisticated technologies and concepts. From the very beginning, Rawat's new technology plays a crucial role in taking accurate measurements for furniture, which is what the industry will be using in the future.

Founded: 2017

Investment: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space: 750-1000


9. Skylark Furniture Franchise

In Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Skylark Furniture is an exclusive brand showroom. This retail showroom specializes in metal swings, wooden double beds, and sofa sets. The company takes advantage of the latest design trends to create the furniture they curate, while at the same time guaranteeing quality to the custome₹ 

Founded: 2016

Investment: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space: 1000-2000


10. Natural Living Franchise

Nature Living believes that one's home should reflect one's personality and way of life. You can achieve furniture that is not only unique but also a true reflection of who you are by using our extensive selection of furniture and customization options.

Founded: 2010

Investment: ₹1-2 Lakhs

Space: 1000-2000  


Why is a Furniture Franchise Business a Great Choice?

Furniture has always played an important but unnoticed role in everyday life, but the industry has recently witnessed a new era in which demand for furniture is loud and clear. Because of the growing number of offices, changing people's preferences, and a complete lack of alternatives, the furniture market field has left an entire room open for new experiments to take place, which is why it is one of the fastest-growing businesses in recent times.

These points may be persuasive to aspiring businessmen, startup companies, and aspiring entrepreneurs:

1. Availability

Previously, people's basic needs were limited to a bed, chairs, and a table. People's lifestyles have changed over time. People are buying home furnishings such as chairs and tables. It is also dependent on the interior design of the office or restaurant where people want to work or relax. People's changing lifestyles enable them to spend more money while maintaining their comfort and appearance.

2. Alternatives

Furniture was once considered a basic necessity, but it has now evolved into a luxury item that is affordable to the buyer. Home décor items based on movies or television shows allow businesses to expand their creativity to new heights. Furniture stores in brick and mortar locations have a limited number of options to try or go through before making a decision, but the online world now provides them with an infinite number of options.

3. Cost of payment

To address this issue, a perfect piece of luxury home décor or furniture costs no less than INR 20,000-30,000, making it an expensive affair for middle-class or bachelors. Furniture can now be purchased on a monthly basis. Even if the entire amount cannot be paid at once, the option to pay it monthly is available. Earning in instalments becomes simple for both customers and the company.

4. Individualization

Consumer interest in the furniture market has grown as a result of the ability to modify or suggest furniture of any particular design or model. A parent, for example, can convert a foldable bed into a bunk bed for their children. These minor modifications appeal to customers in a variety of ways. There are restaurants and offices that have a specific theme in mind, so the chairs and tables should match; this is where customization comes into play to attract more customers.

5. Distribution

Purchasing furniture and having it delivered are two completely different experiences. To have furniture delivered to remote locations without a scratch or damage, a significant amount of money is required. Furniture companies have made delivery services free, and the servicing company will come not only to deliver the product but also to perform routine polishing and repair if requested. As a result of this service, the furniture companies have a large number of satisfied customers.


What Will Be the Cost of a Furniture Franchise Store in India?

Many investors are interested in furniture brand franchises. Nonetheless, they should invest in the market's Best Furniture Store Franchise Opportunities in India, which is thriving. The price of a furniture franchise store varies depending on the brand.

Pepperfry currently has over 20 franchise locations across the country. The one-time franchise fee for a 5-year term is approximately 15 Lacs, and the infrastructure investment ranges between 30 Lacs and 70 Lacs. Franchisees can keep 90% of total revenue and share the remaining 10% with the franchisor.

They will need a shop of 1250 to 2000 square feet and 3 to 7 employees to run this furniture business. A billing counter, a product display section, air conditioning, CCTV, and an internet connection should all be available in the store.


The industry of Furniture Business will always be lucrative for franchising. Be it new houses, or renovations, families are willing to spend a lot for comfort and luxuries living. With the right skills and willpower, you can build a successful furniture franchise store. Register on Franchise Bazar to take a franchise or make an appointment today to get advice on the Best Furniture & Home Decor Franchise Opportunities.  

Register here to take a franchise  or make an appointment today to get the best advice on finding and purchasing a franchise in India. Contact us at - +91 9844443200

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