Franchise Opportunities in Bhopal

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If you’re looking for franchise business opportunities then you’ve come to the right place. Bhopal might not be the first city you think of when you’re looking for franchise locations. We’re here to change your mind about that.

As an entrepreneur, you will be able to encounter many franchising opportunities in Bhopal. Almost anyone can start a business here and make it a success. This is your chance to start a business in a city with a booming economy. 

You don’t even have to be living in Bhopal to start a franchise there either. That’s what we’re here for. We will take you through what the best franchises to open are and how much they cost to open. So, keep reading to find out more.


The Top 10 Franchises to Start in Bhopal In 2023

Here are the best franchises to start in Bhopal in 2023.


1. IBT Institute Private Limited

IBT is the best coaching institute in India. They are the number one choice for people when it comes to preparing for competitive exams like Bank P.O/Clerk, S.S.C, Railways, Insurance, CTET, CMAT, CAT, and CLAT, etc. The IBT Institute is committed to making sure that you succeed no matter what.


Cost Overview of an IBT Institute

Number Of Franchise Outlets: Over 100

Investment Range: Rs. 2 Lakhs - Rs. 5 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 2 Lakhs

ROI : 200%

The IBT Institute franchise is the best low-investment, high returns franchise to start in Bhopal. If you are wondering what the best franchise in the educational sector is, look no further than The IBT Institute.

Currently, they are looking for franchise partners who have a minimum of 2 - 3 years of experience with good managerial and administrative experience.


2. Chhotu Maharaj

Movie Theatres are making a huge comeback after the pandemic. Chhotu Maharaj is the best cine restaurant franchise in India you can invest in. They offer a combination of 7-course dining with free theatrical entertainment. Customers only need to pay for their meals and the movie-viewing experience is completely free. 


Cost Overview of a Chhotu Maharaj Cine-Restaurant

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 500 - 1000

Investment Range: Rs. 20 Lakhs - Rs. 50 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 5 Lakhs

ROI: 80%


As a franchisee, you get two franchise models with the Chhotu Maharaj franchise in India. Chhotu Maharaj Cine Restaurant and Chhotu Maharaj Cine Cafe. Both franchise models are COFO (Company Owned Franchise Operated) models.


3. Courtyard By Marriott

Courtyard by Marriott is an international hotel chain housed under the Marriott International Hotel brand. It is the number one 5-star business hotel franchise in India today. They are the forerunners in the hospitality industry in India and are the number one choice of hotel for customers.


Cost Overview of a Courtyard by Marroit Hotel

Number Of Franchise Outlets: More Than 3,700 Worldwide

Investment Range: Rs. 5 Crore - Rs. 10 Crore

Franchise Fee: Rs. 1 Crore

ROI: 10%

The Marriott franchise in India offers you a chance to associate with an international and nationally recognized hotel chain. Franchisees get the benefit of instant brand recognition and brand value that comes with owning a Marriott Hotel franchise.  

This is your chance to be the first to open a Courtyard by Marriott franchise in your city.


4. Grocery 4U

Grocery 4U is an Indian supermarket chain. They are on a mission to make India a self-sufficient nation and have aligned their business practices to make that a reality. They give customers a unique experience away from the usual drudgery of grocery shopping. They provide an easy and relaxed way of browsing through groceries for their customers.


Cost Overview of a Grocery 4U Store

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 50 - 100

Investment Range: Rs. 20 Lakhs - Rs. 30 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 5 Lakhs

ROI : 24%

As a franchisee, you can expect a reduced cost of investment with proven high returns. The Grocery 4U franchise offers special training to all its franchise partners and takes care of all marketing costs.

They offer two franchise models in India; one is the FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model and the second is the FOFO (Franchise Owned Franchise Operated) model. 


5. What A Sandwich

What A Sandwich is an Indian fast-food franchise that specialises in submarine sandwiches. They were first started in 2013 and currently have stores across many cities in India. They are a delivery kitchen restaurant that focuses on bringing fast, convenient and high-quality food to its customers.


Cost Overview of a What A Sandwich Kiosk/Restaurant

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 100- 200

Investment Range: Rs 5 Lakhs - 20 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 50,000

ROI: 100%

The What A Sandwich franchise offers two franchise models for their franchise partners. The cloud kitchen model and a physical store model. As a franchisee, you get to save on high rental costs with these models while also making a profit.

Franchisees also get access to the four other brands housed under their label, What A Sandwich, Hero Sandwiches, Pav Man and Go Kirana Go.


6. Tirex

Tirex is India’s largest OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for EV chargers. They have a strong focus on the R&D of products and make sure to bring the best products and services to their customers. They are on a mission to create a strong network of EV charging stations in India to reduce range anxiety for all EV users.


Cost Overview of a Tirex Charging station

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 100 - 200

Investment Range: Rs. 5 Lakhs - Rs. 15 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 2 Lakhs

ROI: 60%


The Tirex franchise offers you an opportunity to be a part of one of the largest charging station networks in the country. The Tirex franchise has a DOCO (Dealer Owned Company Operated) model. You get access to your own personal EV charging station.

This is a great facility to add to any pre-existing franchises you already own. It is guaranteed to increase sales across the board. 


7. US Pizza

US Pizza is an Indian fast-food franchise. They strive to provide customers with genuine American deep-pan pizza while infusing Indian flavours. To create a totally unique product.

They are the third-largest pizza chain in India and aim to be India’s top pizza chain in the future.


Cost Overview of a US Pizza Restaurant

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 72

Investment Range: Rs. 15 Lakhs - Rs. 50 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 3 Lakhs - Rs. 6 Lakhs

ROI: 30% - 50%

The US Pizza franchise in India gives you the benefit of having a fast food franchise that has national brand recognition among customers. As a franchise partner, you will also have access to their full suite of services. As well as the four other brands under their label: US Pizza, Tandy’s Fried Chicken, Wing World, and Casablanca 

They have three franchise models available for franchisees in India: Express, Dine-in, and Delivery.  


8. Footprints Childcare Private Limited

There is an increasing demand for childcare facilities like daycares and preschools. Footprints Childcare is here to help parents get their children on the right path when it comes to their development and education. They provide online sessions you can view from the comfort and safety of your home and live interactive classes. All of which have flexible timings.


Cost Overview of a Footprints Childcare Facility 

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 85

Investment Range: Rs. 25 Lakhs - Rs. 35 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 4 Lakhs

ROI: 40%

If you are looking to start a daycare franchise, then the Footprints Childcare franchise is the best choice. They are a nationally recognised preschool and daycare franchise. Giving you the best chance at success as a business owner.


9. BlueStone

BlueStone is India’s number one online destination for fine jewellery. They have a collection of over 8,000 designs you can choose from and all of their jewellery pieces are made to order. Customers can shortlist the designs they like and opt for at-home visits, where they can finalise their purchases.


Cost Overview of a BlueStone Jewellery Store

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 20 - 50

Investment Range: Rs. 1 Crore - Rs. 2 Crore

Franchise Fee: Rs. 5 Lakhs

ROI: 24%


The BlueStone franchise in India offers assistance with store selection, marketing support, store operations support, and merchandise support to all their franchise partners. They offer a FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) model for all their physical stores.


10. Pepperfry

Pepperfry is India's largest furniture retail franchise. They have an enormous online catalogue that customers can choose furniture from. They’re well known for their high-quality furniture products and excellent delivery services. 


Cost Overview of a Pepperfry Furniture Store

Number Of Franchise Outlets: 50 - 100

Investment Range: Rs. 10 Lakhs - Rs. 20 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: Rs. 1 Lakh

ROI : 22%

As a franchisee, you can opt for a master franchise model or a multi-unit model as well. They are divided into state-wise, region-wise, and city-wise types. The Pepperfry franchise in Bhopal is the best furniture retail franchise you can opt for.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What are the top 5 franchises in India?

Ans. FabIndia, Lenskart, Pepperfry, Domino’s and KFC.

Q2. What are the best fast-food franchises to start in Bhopal in 2023?

Ans. What A Sandwich, Domino’s, US Pizza, KFC and Pizza Hut.

Q3. What are the best retail franchises to start in Bhopal in 2023?

Ans. Pepperfry, Grocery 4U, Fabindia, BlueStone and Lenskart.

Q4. What are the top franchise opportunities in Bhopal that gives high returns?

Ans. Tumbledry, Tirex, Delhivery, InXpress and IBT Institute Private Limited.

Q5. What are the best high-investment, high-profit franchise opportunities in Bhopal?

Ans. Courtyard by Marriott, Hyatt, BlueStone, Tanishq and Apollo.



These are some of the best franchises to start in Bhopal for 2023 that we have specially picked out for you. Bhopal is an up-and-coming city that presents a lot of potential for growth and with high investments coming in, it's expected to rise to new heights. Be the first to capitalise on this and cash in.

If you are looking to start a franchise in your city then visit Franchise Bazar to see some of the top choices for you. Contact our staff and book a consultation to get started.

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