How to start a Cha Wala franchise in India?

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Written By: Sukriti Deo

In the past years, franchising opportunities in the country have increased. They have made their way into the medical, food & beverage industry. A franchise business provides you with a minimal failure rate. There are several other advantages of franchise business models. It makes it a profitable opportunity for many entrepreneurs.  The demand for the beverage business has rocketed leading to many profitable opportunities today.  One such is the Cha Wala Franchise- so would you like to know more?

It is essential to note that buying a franchise costs less rather than starting your own company from scratch. Starting a new business also involves numerous restrictions and obstacles in the process. In a franchise, the franchisor assists franchisees with their experience and knowledge to be successful.

About the Cha Wala Franchise in India.

Savan Gupta and Co Founder Samik Gupta founded Cha Wala in December 2021. Sayan began the first fusion tea café at Kanchrapara. He named it ‘Cha Wala’ and broke the chains of multiple stereotypes.

The cha Wala is a beautiful demonstration of the power of humble beginnings but greater results. They began their journey as a small tea shop in 2022 in a small area. Now they proudly hold the title of first Fusion Tea Cafe Chain business of India. And they also provide 72 types of flavours of tea variation and snacks.

Why is the chai franchise in India so popular?

  1. It's not surprising for anybody that our India is a tea-loving nation. Bearing in mind that tea holds the title of being the most recommended. It is also the most popular beverage of the whole country. It's important to note that there is still a long list of alternatives available.
  2. Due to this, the tea cafe industry witnessed a huge rise in sales recently. It made it easy to stand out in the eyes of potential entrepreneurs as well as target customers.
  3. The consumption volume of tea is roughly 1.2 billion kilograms in India. According to the latest statistics of the financial year 2022
  4. India's tea industry is 172 years old. But it still proudly holds the second position in the production of tea. India ranks after China as reported by the India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF).
  5. It holds the second spot in the list of most widely consumed beverages, after water obviously. One can't beat the mighty tea at global levels too.
  6. 88% of all Indian households include tea in their regular consumption. According to a survey conducted by the Tea Board of India in 2018. This simply implies that overall 64% of the country’s total population favours tea.
  7. Last but not the least, tea’s multiple health benefits also play a major role in its immense popularity.

The above statistics strongly suggest how the tea industry is flourishing. Investing in the tea industry in the current times holds highly promising opportunities. Though, starting a new franchise can be an overwhelming and complicated process. Especially if one is new to the concerned field and doesn’t know where or how to begin.

Blueprint for Setting Up Your Cha Wala Franchise store.

Step 1: Deep Research of Cha Wala brand.

It is essential to conduct a deep brand research by the interested party. The interested party should get a deep idea of each aspect before going forward. Some of the important information is the brand’s history, kinds of products that the brand sells, competitors etc.

Communicate with the existing franchisees to understand its franchise business model and its dynamics. For example, the overall franchise fees, estimated investment expenditure, brand fees, earning on a monthly basis and last but not the least, information about the expected return of investment (ROI), royalty sharing etc.

The interested party should collect additional information about the franchisor too. This should be done to avoid any further hassle. For example, preferred location, consumers demand, current trends, present competitors and potential competitors of the market

Step 2: Getting in touch with the Cha Wala franchisor.

Get in touch with your concerned franchisor. Visit its official website or get in contact with their expert team to get the further details for the franchise.

For example, the starting investment for the franchise, franchise fees, expansion locations to set up the franchise store, support provided by the brand.

Step 3: Assessment of the Cha Wala franchise requirements.

Type of industry - Beverage

Segment - Tea cafe

Investment of approx 5 and 10 lakhs

On the basis of the above requirements of the Cha Wala franchise, compare your professional needs. Check whether they meet with your financial vision or not? Then create a compelling business proposal to present in front of the Cha Wala franchise department.

Step 4: Deciding a suitable location for the Cha Wala franchise store.

Select a location of the franchise store in accordance with the brand's terms and conditions. Selection of an appropriate location for the franchise store is the most essential step of any business. A suitable location for the store removes half of the problems right away.

Step 5: Fulfillments of the franchise requirements.

Sign the agreement after getting a proper insight of the related terms and conditions of the franchise. It is better to hire a franchise lawyer to make you understand each of the legal aspects of the agreement.

The franchise agreement basically includes the franchise partner’s rights and duties. It also mentions the tenure of the agreement.

Step 6: Taking assistance from Cha Wala’s training and support system.

Take all the necessary assistance and support programs offered by the Cha Wala franchise. They will train you but also provide an idea of the consistency and quality they strive to maintain in their stores.

The training generally involves their operations techniques, customer services, training of the staff, management of the inventory, its marketing strategies etc.

Step 7: Introduce the Cha Wala franchise store.

Now open the Cha Wala franchise store in the selected location. While keeping the terms and conditions of the franchise store in mind.

Using media platforms to promote your franchise store amongst the customers. Put advertisements in the print media as well, such as ads in the local newspapers, pamphlets, billboards etc.

Step 8: Grow the business by delivering noteworthy service:

Provide your customers with noteworthy customer service to form a base of loyal customers for the business.

Good customer service is one of the best ways to promote your business. For improvements, put focus more on staff training. Ask for honest feedback from the customers to provide a great shopping experience and after sale services.

Why should one go for a beverage franchise in India?

Here’s why aspiring entrepreneurs should consider starting a beverage franchise business in the country.

  1. The rise in the income of the people led to the rise in India's beverage sector.
  2. India's population, a composition of diverse age groups, have their own diverse beverage tastes.
  3. In recent times, India’s population is switching from unhealthy to healthy alternatives. Therefore, it leads to a rise in the demand for healthy beverage options. For example, herbal drinks, natural fruit juices, sugar-free or low-sugar options.
  4. In recent times the number of cafés has increased contributing to the rise of demand. Their famous drinks include smoothies, craft teas, shakes etc.
  5. In recent times, the beverage industry is putting more focus on sustainability. Moreover, they are trying to be more responsible towards the environment. They have included eco-friendly packaging of the products.  They are focusing on reduction in carbon emissions. They adopt eco-friendly practices. It is a great strategy to catch the attention of the customers. But it also makes itself stand out in the eyes of potential investors.


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wants to enter into the franchise business? The Cha Wala franchise is one of the perfect choices to start your journey with.

Nonetheless, by providing a great service to the customers you can lead a successful franchise. To get more details about the Cha Wala franchise, reach out to us at FranchiseBazar.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risk and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to the information provided in this blog.

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