How to start Consulting Business in India?

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 How to start Consulting Business in India                                                                       

Written by: Resham Daswani                                                     August 29 2022 


Before we read the Consulting Business in India article, let’s understand what consulting in business means.  Consulting is defined as providing a third party with expertise on a matter in exchange for a fee.  This service can involve either advisory or implementation services.  It is important that as a consultant, he takes an unbiased stance on an issue that is central to his role.


In India, the consulting industry has been compounding a whopping growth rate of above 30% over the last few years.  Is there a future for the consulting business in India?  Yes, there sure is.  The booming economy and growing demand for consultancy services as the key factors to growth, and this is leading to a rise in opportunities in India.


Nonetheless, starting a consultancy goes way beyond, just income benefits.  Many consultants get attracted by the huge opportunities, and freedom to work at their pace in their organization.


Before taking the step of franchise consulting business, some key points need to be considered:


Understanding your Niche


Be an expert in the field you are more knowledgeable about.  For example, if you are good at working around computers, ask yourself, are you updated with the latest hardware and software technologies? Will you be able to share your expertise with another person who has barely any knowledge about this field, so that you can get paid for it? 


Understand how you can put your expertise to profit


Look around you and check if your services are missing out on anything.  Focus only on your expertise, something that you are good at, don’t offer everything at one go.  Target the audience, you think would benefit from your expertise.  Understand how you would like to launch your services in the market.


Boost your networking


Word-of-mouth with key individuals or prospective clients can help you advance your business.  You can also opt for professional networking websites, like LinkedIn to exchange contact data.  Remember the world is small, you may benefit from this exchanged data sooner or later.


Get your systems in place


Establishing formats which can be used enormous times is a good idea.  This will save you time from re-creating it again and again when you want to increase your clients.  Basic requirements like proposal sheets, onboarding requirements and questionnaires are some of the main requirements which communicating with your proposed clients.


Develop your verbatim


You can pen down a structured verbatim, which would include general ideas of your services.  Try not to make it long, because that could lead to boredom.  More than all, they should be the sales pitch of your business, why you should be chosen over other consultants.


Structure your pricing details


One of the main analyses of your services is the structuring of your pricing.  For this to be accurate, you would need to consider

  • Your expertise and years of experience
  • Industry standards
  • How much time would a task take, and how much would it cost
  • Any additional outsourced expenses you would be incurring


Plan the future ahead


Looking at short-term and long-term benefits and making necessary arrangements, accordingly, is a business rule.  In the short term, have a plan in place which you could provide once you have your first customer, basically the start and finish of the service.


In long term, you need to know how to promote your services, and what are your set expectations.  This business plan will guide you on how to set your goal for a set period of years like one, five or ten.


Let’s see some of the Best Franchise Consulting Companies in India.


  1. Franchise Bazar
  2. Recruiting Hub
  3. Antal
  4. JobsForIndia
  5. SkyHigh Solutions


So, if you are a small business owner or an individual who is interested to accrue the consulting franchise business segment, can take up this opportunity under the Franchise Business, depending on your budget.  Nonetheless, you can reach out to our experts who can guide you on the wide variety of options under Franchise consultancy.


You can find a Franchise Consultant Business Opportunity by registering here at FranchiseBazar on Or Call / WhatsApp: +91 984444 320


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