JAN-PRO: Cleaning Franchise Opportunity During Covid-19.

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Where the Covid-19 is spreading like a forest fire, India has witnessed 2.84 Million Covid-19 cases recently. Under such circumstances to be on the safe side, the question of cleanliness and health arises in people’s minds. Cleaning your home is all tolerable until it comes to your office, gym, bank, building, etc. Cleaning such massive places isn’t a piece of cake as commercial cleaning requires an immense amount of caution, high-quality sanitization, and disinfection measures, which make the commercial cleaning more complex. Due to this, commercial cleaning services have gained extended demands in the market, as commercial places have focused their eyes on cleaning to offer a safe working area to its employee or customers. Commercial cleaning services like JAN-PRO have opened its door to franchising in India to expand its excellent quality service.

What is JAN-PRO cleaning commercial service?

JAN-PRO is an organized business sector that provides custom-built cleaning services to its customers with well-trained Janitors of franchise owners. JAN-PRO acquires the latest technological equipment to provide extensive training for skilled proof working operation. Being the brand leader in commercial cleaning, JAN-PRO utilizes EnviroShield® disinfecting process for sanitization and cleaning operations. With the 25 years of working experience, sublime technology, and versatile training measures, JAN-PRO used methods are proven to kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria, including flu as well.

How does JAN-PRO franchise work?

Home-based franchise

JAN-PRO franchise opportunity includes start-up packages to the home-based franchise owners that comprise of cleaning accounts, original equipment, education on JAN-PRO cleaning standards, constant support, and reliable guidance for conducting the business. The company also provides genuine consultancy to the franchise owner and connect them with the local owned administrative, commercial office for the steady function of service.

The constant battle most franchise owners have to wrestle is finding their customers. Still, with the extra-ordinary and strategic marketing and innovative skills, JAN-PRO takes the initiative to connect customers quickly with the franchise owner so the owners can solely focus on their service without any pressure of chasing customers. The working operation of the service is scheduled as per the owners so they can work conveniently. 

Master Franchising opportunity

Be a CEO of your franchise by opening a master JAN-PRO franchise business, JAN-PRO offers dedicated leaders with excellent marking skills to operate the business. With the help of a double-tiered model, you can run your own business and create a local team to deal with the cleaning service as well. With the recurring revenue model, you can have multiple courses of benefits along with high income too. Grabbing this master franchise opportunity is filled with flavourable benefits because JAN-PRO is consistently ranked as the #1 commercial cleaning brand by Entrepreneur Magazine. 

With this advantage, the franchisee can operate it’s business accurately. 

How much does the JAN-PRO franchise cost?

The investment requires to open a JAN-PRO franchise lies between 75 lakhs to 1 crore, and the space requirement is 250-500 sq ft. 

Why should I invest in the JAN-PRO franchise?

  • Businesses without any sale element get training and guidance from JAN-PRO for smooth conduct of operations.

  • JANO-PRO has ranked top in the “ leader in the commercial cleaning service” list, which demonstrates its exclusive working model. 

  • Qualified candidates without any inventory or equipment can be offered in-house financing via JAN-PRO. 

  • Due to the consistent growth in cleaning commercial sectors, investing or opening JAP-PRO franchise will be a bright choice. 

  • JAN-PRO services are guaranteed and make use of the latest technology with best-quality equipment that represents the high-class model of the brand.


How can I start the JAN-PRO cleaning franchise in India?

To open/invest in the JAN-PRO franchise, you may connect with https://www.franchisebazar.com/franchise-opportunity/janpro-india. If you want to get more details regarding this on-demand franchise opportunity, you may give a call on +91-9844443200


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