The Top 10 Best Retail Franchise Businesses in India for 2022

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The Top 10 Best Retail Franchise Businesses In India For 2022

Written By Anjali Dixit                                                                             February 14 2022 

Best Retail Franchise Businesses in India in 2022 are the top choice of segment amidst the entrepreneurs and business seekers willing to get into a new business line. The retail business industry contributes a remarkable portion of the GDP of India that constitutes nearly 10% and also has a significant employment rate as compared to other business segments, constituting a major percentage of 8%. With a constantly growing population of nearly 1.3 billion people, there has been an increasing hike in the retail space owing to the greater consumption and consumer spending at most. Thus, many retailers and small business owners are looking for the best retail franchise business in India in 2022.

What Are The Advantage of Retail Franchise business in 2022?

Since the need for certain commodities on a daily basis is a must, many retail shops have been gaining popularity. Thus, the retail franchise has turned out as one of the most profitable businesses in India. The retail Franchise business segment has a diverse workspace i.e a tendency of higher operability range — both online and offline. Any entrepreneur or a rising business individual in order to gain customer interest needs to endorse its products to the customer and the best way out in the competitive Indian market has been the retail stores. All the above key factors mark the reason behind the growing demand for the best retail franchise in India in 2022. These are the business segments that guarantee quick establishment, customer flow, and quick-end returns. There has been constant breakthrough competition amongst multiple retail stores for making it in the list of best retail franchises in India in 2022. 

List of Top 10 Retail Franchises in India in 2022

  1. Big Bazaar
  2. JioMart
  3. Patanjali
  4. PC Jewelers
  5. Truemart Supermarkets
  6. Vishal Mega Mart
  7. Archie's
  8. DTDC
  9. Pepperfry
  10. Big Mart

Read detailed information about these top brands Below


1. Big Bazaar Franchise

Founded in: 2001

Franchising Year: Not known

Franchise units: 200+

Investment : ₹40-50 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹5-10 Lakhs S

pace: 1000-2000 sq ft


It is one of the largest and oldest hyper supermarket chains of retail services in India that caters to selling numerous daily needs products ranging from cosmetics to crockery to stationary to grocery. Founded by Kishore Biyani in 2001, it is now a well-established network in more than 100 cities across India. Owing to high brand recognition and a huge customer base, investors and business seekers are inclined towards its franchise business opportunities the most.


2. JioMart Franchise

Founded in: 2019

Franchising Year: 2020

Franchise units: 200+

Investment: ₹20-25 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft


It is one of the largest online retail services in India. It aims at providing high-quality daily needs products and groceries to the customers at their doorstep at the best and affordable pricing. They have a huge chain of employers that particularly work on achieving their objective of delivering satisfactory services to their customers. Being a pioneer in the retail industry, owing to the team of professionals and strong franchise system support. It is the best retail franchise business in India in 2022.


3. Patanjali Franchise

Founded in: 2006

Franchising Year: 2007

Franchise units: 20+

Investment: ₹50-60 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft


Headquartered in Haridwar, Patanjali is one of the best retail franchise businesses in India in 2022. It is the largest Indian multinational consumer goods packaging company which has a current record of manufacturing more than 2000 products inclusive of multiple-segmented products ranging from cosmetic products to food products. Currently offering franchise opportunities to interested individuals in the segment with resources.


4. PC Jewelers Franchise

Founded in: 2005

Franchising Year: 2016

Franchise units: 15+

Investment : Rs 2-5 Crore

Franchise Fee: Not Revealed

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft


Currently operating in more than 15 states with more than 80 showrooms across India. One of the most trusted names with high brand recognition and a huge customer approach. It is a top choice amidst celebrities and one of the oldest retail businesses in India. It is a leading jewelry brand crafted with perfection for every perfect occasion. It offers every kind of assistance to its franchisees from establishing the store to staff training. Hence becoming a top choice in the best retail franchise business in India in 2022.


5. Truemart Supermarkets Franchise

Founded in: 1997

Franchising Year: 2007

Franchise units: 10+

Investment: ₹50-60 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹5-10 Lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft


Headquartered in Gwalior, it has risen as one of the largest supermarket chain systems in India. With a service and market presence of more than 42 years, it is furnishing high-quality service and earning a high-profit margin. Earning a high brand recognition due to high-quality product delivery.  It is now focusing on the methodology of expansion by offering franchise opportunities to small business owners and entrepreneurs.


6. Vishal Mega Mart Franchise

Founded in: 1986

Franchising Year: 2002

Franchise units: 100+

Investment: ₹30-50 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹2-5 Lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft


Preferably the first retail service to be established in India was founded by Ram Chandra Agarwal. Now it is the largest network of hypermarkets in India. Delivering high-quality products at affordable pricing, it is the most trusted brand of retail services among the customers. It offers franchise opportunities to business seekers with resources and a similar vision of earning profits by delivering satisfactory services to customers.


7. Archie's Franchise

Founded in: 1980

Franchising Year: 1989

Franchise units: 100+

Investment: ₹15-20 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹2-5Lakhs

Space: 500-750 sq ft


Currently spread across more than 100 cities in more than 5 countries, Archies is a big and prominent name in the retail service business. For more than 30 years, Archies has been delivering gift and decorative products for the numerous celebrations and festivities held. It has an insatiable customer base with very high brand recognition. Known for its high-quality products ranging from stuffed toys to cards, dictionaries, coffee mugs, and other gift-related products. Owing to the above factors, it is the most favored choice in the list of best retail franchise businesses in India in 2022 by entrepreneurs and business seekers.


8. DTDC Franchise

Founded in: 1990

Franchising Year: Not Revealed

Franchise units: 12000+

Investment: ₹5-10 Lacs

Franchise Fee: ₹1-2 Lacs

Space: 200- 500 sq ft


Founded in 1990, one of the best service franchise opportunities in 2022. It has a vast network of delivery chains that offer the service of couriers to both domestic and international markets. It follows a unique and exceptional franchise business model. It offers the opportunity of low investment and quick high returns with generating a profitable business to franchisees. DTDC also focuses on the development of franchisees. They offer numerous varieties of franchises including enterprise, model, and delivery franchise opportunities.


9. Pepperfry Franchise

Founded in: 2013

Franchising Year: 2017

Franchise units: 65+

Investment: ₹20-30 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹1-2 Lakhs

Space: 750-1000 sq ft


The leading brand name in the Furniture and Decor company is Pepperfry with over 1.2 lakh products on their website and delivering their products through studios and franchise businesses. It has a proven successful business model that serves an unparalleled catalog of 1 lakh products. The expansion and growth PepperFry has witnessed, marks a profitable venture in its business and has boosted it further. Many studios and franchises are spread across 43 cities of India. The popularized name of the brand attracts a huge customer flow hence making it an option for the entrepreneurs willing to invest in it. Extensive support through assistance in licensing, HR support, and technical support.


10. Big Mart Franchise

Founded in: 2007

Franchising Year: 2013

Franchise units: 200+

Investment : ₹30-40 Lakhs

Franchise Fee: ₹2-5 Lakhs

Space: 1000-2000 sq ft


Established in 2007, BigMart is an international brand that has got high recognition in the past few years in the Indian Market. They also cater delivery and online ordering services to the customers in the growing competitive market. They hold stock of diversified products ranging from personal care to food products to groceries. Currently looking for franchisees with a common vision to attain its objective of expansion by offering franchise business opportunities. It has the most widespread network of retail shops across India.


India is the third-largest consumer across the globe following the USA and China. With its growing population and expanding economy, India offers one of the largest business markets to numerous entrepreneurs, businesses, industries, etc. With multiple benefits being a part of franchise business from brand support and recognition to maximum employment opportunities, many entrepreneurs and business owners are now more inclined towards it. FranchiseBazar is a franchise consulting website and panel that provides support and assistance in helping their customers get their right match as per their criteria and budget in order to help them evolve and rise to soaring heights.

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