Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses In India in 2022 | [Top High Margin Profit Picks]

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Top 10 Most Profitable Businesses In India in 2022 | best business ideas in Indi

Written By Aditi Vernekar                                                                     January 20 2022

There are always new avenues for investment and exploration in a nation like India, which is rapidly developing. Following the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant shift in user behaviour and priorities, with people now favouring online businesses more than ever before. With working from home becoming the new normal, there was an increase in demand for certain items, particularly in Tier II and Tier III cities. 

This is why the majority of people are now turning to private business. If you want to start a profitable franchise business venture, this blog will make it easier for you to find the top 10 lucrative sectors in 2022 for the Most Profitable Businesses In India. Top 10 profitable businesses in India The industry sectors that have earned the best profitable business in India in the past year with the current pandemic situation are mentioned below. These are the franchises that make the best business to start in India for 2022 that you can register directly on Franchise Bazar!

List of Most Profitable Business in India 2022 


  1. Healthcare Franchise
  2. Retail Franchise
  3. Consultancy Franchise
  4. Food Franchise 
  5. Dealers & Distributors
  6. Restaurant Franchise
  7. Jewellery Franchise
  8. Logistics Franchise
  9. Automotive Franchise
  10. Beauty Franchise


1. Healthcare Franchise

The pandemic has had a significant impact on healthcare and home care franchises, as it has in most industries. In many cases, healthcare franchises were deemed essential and, thankfully, were able to continue operations, despite the fact that the circumstances were frequently complex, difficult, and unpredictable. In the coming years, there will most likely be a greater emphasis on data analytics and the use of technology in healthcare, as well as increased demand for tailored medical solutions and specialised business and data skills, and finally, a greater emphasis on long-term health threat preparations in a post-COVID world.

Overall, things are looking up in the healthcare industry, and if you want to invest, now is a good time. Here are five of the best opportunities in this sector -

  1. Apollo Health & Lifestyle Ltd.
  2. Nimai’s Borneo
  3. Dr at Doorsteps
  4. Dava Discount
  5. ANSSI Wellness Centre

2. Retail Franchise

Retail franchising is the process of establishing a single store using an existing company's name, branding, trademark, and products. Our everyday lives are filled with these companies, and often their brands are ones we use and trust. In terms of market size and potential, the Indian retail market is regarded as one of the most appealing in the world. This is reflected in India's Rs 30,000-crore Retail Franchising industry, which is growing at a 30 per cent annual rate. 

In terms of reach in the country, most retail companies have enormous growth potential. They can expand their retail footprint through their own stores and, more recently, franchising. If you want to start a franchise in this industry, here are the top five most profitable ventures -

  2. Gilma
  3. Shell
  4. Oriz Mart
  5. Schenider Electric Wiser

3. Consultancy Franchise

Franchise consultants meet with their clients to discuss their interests and skills, as well as to determine which franchise is best for them. They assist them at each stage of the process. Franchisors, on the other hand, provide ideas and concepts to help expand and attract potential franchisees.  A consulting franchise will allow you to earn more money while also allowing you to save more money. It should be obvious, but if you're connected to a strong brand, have a support team behind you, and don't have to hire anyone, your money should go a lot further than if you start and run a business on your own. Below mentioned are the best five consultancy franchises -

  1. Franchise Bazar
  2. Recruiting Hub
  3. Antal
  4. Pegasus Facilities
  5. Cosmic Immigration

4. Food Franchise 

Everyone enjoys eating, and in today's fast-paced world, where everyone seems to be in a hurry all of the time, fast-food franchises are the go-to franchise opportunity for many entrepreneurs looking to build a business empire. It takes a lot of commitment and investment to purchase a food franchise. Consult the franchisor regarding all relevant questions. 

There is no way to predict how much money a food franchise will make. It is determined by factors such as location, the cost versus profit, and so on. But here are the franchises that have a proven profitable business venture-

  1. Kurtosshhh
  2. What-A-Sandwich
  3. Chicago Pizza 
  4. Yelneer Katte
  5. Subway

5. Dealers & Distributors

A dealer is someone who actively buys goods from manufacturers and then sells them as part of their inventory or account. A distributor is a person, entity, or selling agent who works independently and is bound by a financial contract to sell the products of a manufacturer. They serve as a middleman throughout the supply chain process and are in direct contact with the manufacturer.

Starting a distribution company is a profitable venture. It is one of the simplest ways to start a business with a lower overhead than a manufacturing business. The wholesale distribution business's success is dependent on proper strategy, execution, planning, product demand, and capital. Here are five opportunities in this sector that are guaranteed to make you money -

  1. Absprints
  2. Rock Tawa
  3. Vazron
  4. SoilTech
  5. Kent Ro

6. Restaurant Franchise

A franchised restaurant is a restaurant brand that you as the owner would have bought the right to use for a royalty fee. Restaurants have some of the most expensive startup costs in the franchising industry. They also provide the highest returns. When you invest in a restaurant franchise, especially one of the well-known brands, you get the benefit of a well-established brand with a customer base that already loves the product. 

Operators of multiple franchised restaurants can enjoy higher profits due to the fact that they spread their fixed costs over more outlets. That is a significant advantage. And here are the best-branded restaurant franchises -

  1. Fries N Burgers
  2. The J
  3. Biriyani Darbar
  4. Amritsar Haveli
  5. UFO

7. Jewellery Franchise

Previously, fashion jewellery was thought to be imitation or costume jewellery that catered to the unorganised sector and people who couldn't afford gold. Today, however, the situation is different. Contemporary fashion in brass has seen a dramatic shift in the fashion jewellery industry. Fashion jewellery currently has a market value of $3 billion and has grown at a CAGR of 24% over the last few years. Investing in a well-known fashion jewellery brand is profitable.

If you want to work in the jewellery industry, you should first learn about how it works. When it comes to the business of a franchise outlet, the risk factor is lower, but it takes foresight to go through all the details. Before opening a franchise jewellery store, a thorough investigation is required.

  1. Aisshpra
  2. Gitanjali Jewels
  3. Sia
  4. Diya
  5. Silver Maya

8. Logistics Franchise

Logistic franchise business includes warehousing, courier service, delivery, distribution, ocean and air freight, as well as trucking and shipping. As more retail companies move online, more restaurants offer online ordering and delivery, and many more, the demand for logistics company franchise businesses is still strong. Today, logistics is a rapidly expanding industry. The logistics industry is experiencing rapid growth as a result of the sudden increase in the demand for delivering goods to customers' doorsteps. Investing in logistics is a very profitable investment because B2B, B2C, and a new area D2C all require delivery services today. 

Franchise chains can stay ahead of the game and incorporate IT, specialists, in the development of their business in order to have promising logistics franchise opportunities in the future.

  1. Hamilton Packers
  2. Overnite Express
  3. Ludhiana Express
  4. Premium Courier Cargo
  5. DTDC

9. Automotive Franchise

An automobile dealership buys, sells, exchanges, and leases motor vehicles. The franchise business concept has proven to be an effective way for major businesses in the automotive aftermarket to grow their brands and their intellectual property. You are a part of the automotive aftermarket if you own an automotive franchise. This market includes all transactions involving automobiles after the initial sale. The majority of the automotive aftermarket is made up of repairs and replacement parts. 

Globally, the automotive aftermarket is expanding, so here are the top five you can franchise with -

  1. Flexi Cab
  2. Mahindra First Choice
  3. Carz
  4. Cares 4 Cars
  5. Cars24

10. Beauty Franchise

Skincare and beauty are personal and sensitive industries. Before committing to a brand's daily routine, consumers have to gain confidence and trust in it. Often, this process takes time and demonstrates a track record of being honest and trustworthy. 

Salons can earn a profit margin of 8.2 per cent on average, which is higher than the 7.7 per cent average for all businesses. Of course, well-managed salons can earn far more than the national average. A profit margin of 10% is usually the minimum goal, but the better you manage your salon's finances, the higher this can be.

  1. Chop Shop
  2. Jawed Habib
  3. Lakme
  4. L’Oreal
  5. Seven Seas Spa

You can earn a good living from any of these business types that are growing quickly. Start one of these most profitable businesses with hard work, determination, and resourcefulness. 

Aside from these, there are new business ideas in 2022 in India that you can register for on Franchise Bazar or connect with a franchise consultant on the website to find out the right business for you!

You can connect with a Franchise Consultant or Register To Take Franchise here Or Call / WhatsApp : +91 98444 43200

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