Top 10 Food Franchises under 10 Lakhs in India

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"Food Franchises in India Under 10 Lakhs - A Diverse Culinary Landscape"

Are you looking to start a food franchise in India with a limited budget and are confused with vast options? NO WORRIES, Let's dive into the top 10 food franchises.

About India’s Food and Beverage Franchise Industry

India's food franchise industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years. With many options available, aspiring entrepreneurs are now exploring the affordability factor, seeking franchises that can be achieved with under 10 lakhs.

This shift in focus towards budget-friendly franchises has opened new avenues for business enthusiasts with limited capital resources. The under 10 lakhs food franchise investment benchmark has become a beacon guiding the choices of potential franchisees.

With this cost constraint in mind, entrepreneurs are strategically exploring franchise models that offer a balance between a reasonable upfront investment and the potential for substantial returns. We will delve into India's booming food franchise landscape and explore the best top 10 food franchises in India that fit this budget.

Top 10 Food Franchises under 10 Lakhs in India

India offers a plethora of affordable food franchise opportunities.

Here, we present the top 10 food franchises that offer high potential within the 10 lakhs budget.

1: Chai Sutta Bar

This offers a distinctive and innovative concept, seamlessly merging the pleasures of tea and cigarettes within a warm and inviting atmosphere. What sets this franchise apart is its rustic and earthy ambience, coupled with an expansive tea menu and creative tobacco alternatives that cater to diverse preferences.

With a franchise cost under 10 lakhs, it emerges as a compelling choice for aspiring entrepreneurs who seek both affordability and novelty. The success of Chai Sutta Bar resonates strongly, evident in numerous franchisees who have not only achieved impressive profitability but have also fostered a dedicated and loyal customer base.

What makes this choice unique?

  • It boasts impressive profit margins and ROI, especially in high-demand areas, guaranteeing consistent annual growth.
  • Highly profitable.

2: Eggxpro Cafe

This stands as a renowned quick-service restaurant chain, celebrated for its array of delectable dishes centered around the versatile egg. The franchise's distinctive appeal arises from its expansive menu offerings, premium ingredients, and efficient customer service.

With an emphasis on diversity, quality, and promptness, Eggxpro Cafe offers an attractive franchise opportunity that fits within the budget of under 10 lakhs. This serves as an enticing entry point for aspiring entrepreneurs into the dynamic and rapidly expanding culinary landscape.

The franchise's track record boasts numerous successful franchisees who have achieved noteworthy profitability, affirming Eggxpro as a credible and promising investment avenue within the ever-evolving food industry.

What makes this choice unique?

  • It invites franchisees to amplify their brand's reach and passion for starting a business under budget.
  • Cost Efficient.
  • The high-return model ensures a lucrative venture for aspiring franchisees.

3: Belgian Waffle Co.

This has established a prominent reputation for its irresistible, freshly baked Belgian waffles, accompanied by an enticing array of delectable toppings. What sets this franchise apart is its unwavering dedication to providing waffle enthusiasts with visually appealing and high-quality treats, enhanced by captivating flavor combinations.

With an investment requirement of less than 10 lakhs, the Belgian Waffle Co. presents an appealing avenue for aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into the dessert market. The franchise's notable achievements further solidify its allure, as numerous franchisees have achieved substantial profitability and successfully captured the affection of dessert enthusiasts across the expanse of India.

What makes this choice unique?

  • Low investment
  • High Returns
  • High Brand identity

4: Jus Momo

This has secured its position as a renowned Indian food franchise, celebrated for its unique fusion of delightful momos. What truly sets Jus Momo apart is its innovative take on traditional Indian street food, offering an extensive selection of delectable fillings and tantalizing sauces that conjure a multisensory experience for patrons.

With a modest investment requirement of under 2 lakhs, aspiring franchisees are granted the opportunity to embark on their entrepreneurial journey, covering initial fees, equipment, comprehensive training, and strategic marketing endeavours.

The franchise's impressive success story is evident through the remarkable profits achieved by its franchisees. A menu that can be tailored to individual preferences, competitive pricing, and a devoted customer base collectively contribute to financial stability and growth, magnetizing ambitious entrepreneurs.

What makes this choice unique?

  • Brand Recognition
  • High Returns
  • Less than 2 Lakh

5: Kathi Queen

This has firmly established itself as a distinguished Indian food franchise, specializing in the artful fusion of authentic Kathi rolls that seamlessly blend tradition and modernity, garnering widespread recognition.

What sets Kathi Queen apart is its dedication to preserving the genuine flavours of tandoori rolls and wraps while infusing them with innovative and enticing tastes. The franchise achieves this by harmoniously blending high-quality ingredients, resulting in rolls that create an irresistible longing for more among customers.

Aspiring entrepreneurs can venture into the Kathi Queen family with an investment of under 10 lakhs, covering essential aspects like fees, equipment, decor, and marketing. The prospect of substantial returns is ensured by the franchise's robust brand presence. Kathi Queen's journey is marked by the triumphs of its franchisees, evident through significant profits, a loyal customer base, expansion, and the realization of entrepreneurial ambitions.

What makes this choice unique?

  • Authenticity in Innovating new products
  • One of the most profitable businesses
  • Loyal customers and brand recognition

6: Burger Brothers

This Indian food franchise stands as a testament to the transformative power of bold flavors and desi twists applied to burgers. Its reputation is built on a diverse range of burgers that seamlessly cater to the evolving tastes of Indian consumers.

Each burger presented by Burger Brothers is nothing short of a flavor explosion, a harmonious fusion of Indian spices and locally sourced ingredients. This culinary innovation, coupled with an unswerving commitment to quality, taste, and inventiveness, distinguishes the franchise from other burger chains.

With an investment of under 10 lakhs, aspiring entrepreneurs can initiate their Burger Brothers journey, which covers fees, training, equipment, and marketing. The franchise's robust brand recognition and unwavering customer loyalty guarantee substantial returns in a remarkably short span.

The rapid growth trajectory of Burger Brothers translates into impressive profits for its franchisees. The allure lies in its unique menu, exceptional dining experience, and a dedicated customer base. Opting to join the Burger Brothers franchise is a pathway to establishing stable, prosperous businesses.

What makes this choice unique?

  • Respected Brand in the fast food industry.
  • Attracts customers, and brand identity.
  • Suitable for young entrepreneurs and aspiring women.

7: Bubble Bee

This is a renowned Indian dessert franchise, charms with its waffle delights and inviting ambience. Emphasizing creativity, it offers customizable waffles with diverse toppings, syrups, and fillings.

With an investment under 10 lakhs, covering equipment, setup, and marketing, entrepreneurs can tap into the growing demand for waffles. Franchisees enjoy high profits, thanks to quality ingredients and innovation, fostering loyalty and expansion. Join Bubble Bee for a sweet journey into successful dessert entrepreneurship.

What makes this choice unique?

  • They provide quality in a pocket-friendly Pricing.
  • Very little investment of Rs 5 - 10 lakhs.
  • It is one of the highly profitable businesses.

8: Chai Biskut Cafe

This stands as a cultural hub, embracing the cherished tradition of pairing chai with biscuits. By reviving time-honoured recipes and using premium ingredients, it delivers a taste that resonates with nostalgia. With an investment of under 10 lakhs encompassing fees, training, equipment, and inventory, they offer a promising avenue for entrepreneurs.

Its established brand and high demand contribute to the potential for substantial returns. The focus on quality and a diverse menu cements its reputation and cultivates a loyal customer base, solidifying Chai Biskut's position as a leader in the industry.

What makes this choice unique?

  • Based on high-quality chai and biscuits.
  • Pocket-friendly investment for quality food.
  • Tradition for the Indian taste buds.

9: Amul

A renowned ice cream brand, captivates all age groups with its diverse and delectable flavors, ensuring a perfect taste experience. Elevating ice cream to gourmet status, Amul offers an array of toppings and choices for personalized creations, catering to the desires of ice cream enthusiasts seeking unique twists.

Not only ice creams they also deal with a variety of other products too. With an investment of 10 lakhs, covering fees, setup, and marketing, the Amul franchise presents a profitable venture, bolstered by the popularity of the established brand.

Amul's widespread appeal and affordability contribute to its growing popularity and robust profit margins, allowing franchisees to expand their operations and attract local markets.

What makes this choice unique?

  • Its taste is addictive hence grabbing customers' attention and bringing loyalty to customers.
  • Targets for higher income levels with low investment for raw materials.
  • Low investment and high returns.

10: Tibbs Frankie

They excels in crafting iconic frankies, offering flavorful fillings and indulgent wraps that delight food enthusiasts. With a focus on authenticity and quality, Frankie House brings traditional recipes and premium ingredients to create a true essence of street food.

Investing under 10 lakhs covers franchise fees, setup, and marketing, supported by strong brand recognition for a profitable venture. Positioned in the street food market,

Tibbs Frankie reaps high profits by delivering an authentic experience that resonates with loyal customers, enabling franchisees to expand and thrive as successful entrepreneurs.

What makes this choice unique?

  • A wide range of dishes are included in their menu.
  • Brand Recognition, Brand value is prominently high.
  • Cost-efficient, affordable, and targeted growth strategy for high profit and development.

Benefits of Food Franchises

  • A food franchise is when a franchisor grants rights to a franchisee to operate a restaurant or food outlet under their brand.
  • Capitalizes on the brand's success, systems, and customer recognition.
  • Benefits of Reduced risk, established customer base, marketing support, and ongoing training.


India's top 10 food and beverage franchise businesses offer lucrative opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to invest under 10 lakhs. However, success hinges on navigating key factors like complying with regulations, obtaining licenses, respecting intellectual property, and understanding franchise terms.

By embracing these considerations, individuals can embark on a flavorful journey toward profit and success in the thriving food franchise industry.

In a dynamic and diverse culinary landscape, India's top 10 food franchises under 10 lakhs beckon entrepreneurs with a tantalizing blend of innovation, tradition, and profitability.

These franchises symbolize a golden opportunity for budget-conscious individuals to embark on flavorful journeys into the thriving world of food entrepreneurship. As the Indian food franchise industry continues its upward trajectory, these chosen ventures stand out as beacons of success within the affordable investment realm.  If you have a food business which you are looking to expand in India, click right here.

Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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