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Burger Brothers
Space Req.
Less than 250 Sq.ft
Investment Range
Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs
Franchise Outlets
Less than 10

About Burger Brothers Franchise in India

“Burger Brothers” as the name says, it is a story of three foodie brothers who dreamt to open a budget friendly Indian QSR with global presence Burger Brothers is a fusion of Indian spices with western burgers All burger patties and sauces are documented by our chef, thereby giving unique taste at affordable price Our enthusiasm coupled with passion for food makes us confident to capture both Indian as well as overseas market We take utmost care to follow all health and safety parameters for our employees and customers to maintain good hygiene level At Burger Brothers we emphasis on strict quality control, regular audits and separation of veg non-veg preparation and storage

How to start a QSR Franchise in India?

Contact FranchiseBazar to know more about the QSR franchise opportunities in India.  Our plethora of opportunities contains food franchises in India in different investment ranges.  

Why Choose to start a QSR Franchise in India?

If you are one of those aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a food franchise of your own anywhere in India, starting a QSR franchise in India is an ideal option.  

Here as some benefits associated with owning a QSR franchise in India.

  1. Growing Market Demand - The food and beverage industry in India is substantial, and it's developing rapidly. There has been a huge uptick in the demand for fast and convenient food due to expanding urbanisation, higher disposable incomes, and shifting lifestyles. This is a huge opening for quick service restaurant chains to meet the needs of the Indian consumer market.
  2. Already Established QSR Brand - In recent years, India has become a major market for international quick-service restaurant chains. By joining forces with an already successful franchise, you may take advantage of their well-established name recognition, tried-and-true business model, operational know-how, and promotional efforts. This lessens the perilousness of launching a brand-new company from scratch.
  3. Brand Awareness - Awareness of the brand and customer loyalty are often high in the quick-service restaurant industry. By appealing to those who are already familiar with the brand, your franchise can get off to a running start. Building a loyal client base and increasing sales quickly can be made much easier by increasing brand recognition.
  4. Lower Risk - When opposed to starting a business from scratch, the risk involved in buying into a franchise is far lower. The franchisor's established business plan, well-known brand, and consistent support can lessen worries about breaking into a new market, running an organisation successfully, and winning over customers. One of the benefits of franchising is the opportunity to tap into the expertise of the franchise system as a whole.
  5. Adaptability & Regular Innovations - To anticipate shifts in consumer tastes and preferences, several QSR franchises allocate resources to R&D. The franchisee has the opportunity to take advantage of the franchisor's innovative products and services. This ensures continued success, provides customers with a wide range of options, and helps you to respond to shifting market needs.
  6. More Expansion Opportunities - The quick-service restaurant (QSR) business in India is ripe with possibilities for ambitious entrepreneurs. Adding new franchise sites in different towns or regions is something to think about as your business grows and becomes more well-known. There is a lot of room for expansion and development.

Is the QSR Franchise Business profitable in India? 

Franchises for quick service restaurants (QSRs) can be successful in India. The middle class in India is expanding, and the country is becoming more and more urbanised. Due to rising consumer demand for fast and easy dining options, the quick service restaurant (QSR) business has flourished.

McDonald's, KFC, Domino's Pizza, Subway, and Burger King, among others, have all acquired sizable footholds in the Indian quick-service restaurant market. In India, these brands have proven popular and lucrative.

Location, competition, brand recognition, operational efficiency, marketing techniques, and consumer preferences are just few of the aspects that might affect the profitability of a quick service restaurant franchise in India. The prospective profitability of a quick-service restaurant (QSR) franchise can be determined by conducting market research, assessing the local competition, and taking into account aspects such as rental costs, labour expenses, and supply chain management.

Get in touch with us at FranchiseBazar.  Our expertise can guide you in selecting the appropriate food franchise in India based on your investment.  Why wait? Get in touch right away.


Operations Commenced On: 2022 Franchising / Distribution Commenced On: 0022 Number of Employees: Not Revealed
Business Models
Industry Segment Investment Franchise Fee Space Expected No of Hours / month Expansion Location/s
Food Franchise Burger Franchise Rs. 5lakhs-10lakhs Rs. 50000 - 1Lakh Less than 250 Less than 10hrs Mumbai
Preferred Expansion Locations
Ideal Entrepreneur Profile
What should be the Education level of an Entrepreneur? : Not Revealed
What should be the skill set of an Entrepreneur? :
Not Revealed
What is that the business seek from an Entrepreneur? : No Ideal Franchisee Profile
Previous Experience of Entrepreneur? :
Not Revealed
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Business Information
How many franchisees are presently operational in home country? : Less than 10
How many franchisees do you have across the world? : Not Revealed
Franchisees presently available in home country at : Not Revealed
How many company owned outlets do you have? : Less than 10
Company owned outlets presently available at : Not Revealed
Documentation Details
Do you have a Franchise Agreement? : No
Term of Agreement? : Not Revealed
Do you have an Operations Manual? : No
Do you have a Bankable Business Plan? : No
Training Details
Do you have a Training Manual? : No
Where is the Initial Training conducted? : Not Revealed
How long is the Initial Training Programme? : Not Revealed
Mention a few lines on the post start up training assistance the company provides :


Business Suitability
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for women? : No
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Senior citizens, retired professionals and/or people above 50 years of age? : No
Is Franchise/Business Opportunity suitable for Fresh Graduates and/or Students? : No
Can the franchisee work from home? : No
Is Franchise/Business franchising internationally? : No
Is Franchise/Business seeking Multiple/Master Franchisees? : No
Does this Franchise/Business qualify as a Multi Level Marketing Opportunity - MLM Business? : No
Is this Frnachise/Business a Manufacturing/Job work or an assembly related opportunity? : No

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