Top 100 Franchise Business Opportunities In India 2020

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The franchising industry in India is striking out gold since its inception, it has not only given fortunate chances to foreign businesses growth but it has been pulling up Indian business platforms to grow and reach the global market. The Indian franchising industry is estimated to grab a net worth of $20 billion by the end of 2020 with a year-on-year growth rate of 30%. Since a franchise business is already pre-established and renders extensive support, training, and guidance to the franchisee, many entrepreneurs prefer investing in it. Especially if the franchisor’s brand has remarkable brand recognization and a pioneering position in the market, the franchisee will get gigantic growth and revenue in the business. Do you want the light of franchising to illuminate the high chances of lucrative returns for you? Then sit back and read on, because we have got the top 100 franchise opportunities industry-wise so you can check-on and grab the best leading opportunities and reap fruitful returns. 

Automotive Franchise: 


The Automotive Sector in India has been witnessing versatile growth for the last few years. Since India is extensively emphasizing technological up-gradation, it is promptly supporting the automotive sector to expand rapidly and make innovative changes in a consumer-centric manner for higher growth and revenue. Here are the top 10 opportunities you can explore in the automotive sector in 2020. 



Beauty & Wellness Franchise:


India has a unique sense when it comes to beauty and wellness, with the perfect blend of makeup we are now rapidly emerging in spa and salon segments as well. With the help of our ancient yoga and ancient skin care practices, our beauty and wellness industry is reaping huge benefits. That is why the industry always witnesses ever-green demand in the market. To explore such unique trends in the market and gain noteworthy advantages, here are the top 10 opportunities you can explore in the beauty & wellness sector in 2020. 



Clothing Franchise:


India has diversified cultures that have expanded the dynamic nature of the fashion industry. With a mixture of western apparel, Indian apparel, trends, and the constant arrival of auspicious festivals, the clothing industry is one of the most prominent industry in India. It is expected that by the end of 2020, the clothing sector in India will reach $1 trillion milestones, making it one of the biggest and richest industry ever. To be a part of such a huge industry, here are the top 10 opportunities you can explore in a clothing franchise. 



Healthcare & Cleaning Franchise:


Since the pandemic hit us we are constantly looking forward to keeping our health checked perfectly. Even the demand for healthcare and cleaning facilities in India is emerging rapidly due to which many even virtual health consultation facilities have started growing in India. By the end of 2020, the healthcare industry is likely to reach $0.9 billion in India. Not only this, numerous commercial places like huge enterprises, gyms, schools, institutions, colleges, and many others are in a constant hunt for cleaning services so they can keep their places perfectly sanitized. Due to this constant hassle, the healthcare and cleaning industries have gained a prominent position in the market. To explore these industries as an entrepreneur, here are the top 10 healthcare and cleaning franchise opportunities for you. 



Educational/ Ed-Tech Franchise:


India is the second-largest start-up ecosystem where nearly 300+ start-ups are ed-tech. Such massive growth in the ed-tech start-ups has been promoting its expansion to another level through the franchise model. As per the analytics, the ed-tech market is expected to reach $3.5 billion by the end of 2020 in India, and the overall education market is estimated to reach $8.6 billion. Since education plays a vital role in our lives, people are keen on its growth. To grab a firm place in the educational sector here are top-notch 10 educational and ed-tech franchise opportunities for you to make the most out of it. 



Pre-school Franchise: 


The Pre-school sector is one of the most pioneering and fastest-growing sectors in India. Since the expansion of the urbanization and employment rate, many parents are opting for their children for dynamic pre-school education to enhance their holistic development and bring creativity to their minds. The pre-school sector in India will have growth at the rate of 18% between 2020-2024. With the current emerging trends in the pre-schools, various pre-schools are offering standard franchise opportunities to the entrepreneurs. Here are the top 10 pre-school franchise opportunities that are rapidly leading in India. 



Food & Beverage Franchise: 


In India, Food & Beverage is one of the largest industry that’s worth $26.28 billion. The F&B industry is expected to take a robust growth and will reach $122.78 billion by 2025. Amid such vibrant growth, grabbing its franchise is one of the most lucrative choices an entrepreneur can make. Since there are constant innovation and adaptation made in the food & beverage sector, such as the cloud kitchen model, ghost kitchen model, delivery, and takeaway, the industry is growing fruitful results. Here are the top 10 pioneering opportunities you can grab in the Food & Beverage franchise. 



Retail Franchise: 


Indian Retail has a robust growth due to the increasing population and growing demand for FMCG. Due to such a huge demand, the Indian retail industry is the 5th largest retail industry in the world with a current worth of $1.1 trillion where the growth is likely to surge up in near future. This indicates that with the emerging population, the demand for the retail sector will be ever-green as well. Taking in mind such an exquisite flow of profit in the retail sector, many top-notch business platforms have started bestowing thriving franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs in India. Here are the top 10 retail franchise opportunities you can grab right now and enjoy flourishing returns in the future. 



Logistics Franchise:


Logistics is one of the fastest-growing sector in India, in fact with the emerging growth of other sectors like cloud kitchen, retail, and delivery businesses, the growth of the logistics sector is highly notable. Since the pandemic hit, many well-known sectors like retail, food & beverage, and even various pharmacies started a delivery system to serve all the products to the customers and survive in the market. With the emerging and highest growth in other sectors, the demand for logistics has been surging up as well. By the end of 2024, the logistics sector will have a growth rate of 25-30% in India. This shows that the growth in logistics will be consistent in the near future. And since logistics is highly dynamic, the utilization of technology is its best which ensures standardized services to the customers. To reach the highest peak in the future you can be a part of the logistics franchise in India. Here are the top 10 logistics franchise opportunities that will blow up your profit in the future. 



Consultancy Franchise:


Do you know nearly 90% of entrepreneurs in India shut down their enterprises during the initial stage of their development? The possible reason behind this is a lack of guidance, finance, and support to the entrepreneurs. Since franchising provides a ready-made model for business, brand recognition, support, and even training. The growth of business also requires extensive research on strategies and various marketing tools, for such knowledge and practical experiences, due to which many entrepreneurs are now opting for franchise consultancy to get perfect training and move ahead with a pre-cooked mindset, vision, mission, and strategies for their enterprises. If you are one of those entrepreneurs with several years of experience in franchising then starting your own constancy franchise is the best choice for you now. Here are the top 10 consultancy franchise opportunities you can explore in India. 


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