Top 100 Franchise Business Opportunities In India 2022

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Franchises are a recurring trend in today's market. They are the more secure and successful options for starting one's own business. At Franchise Bazar, you can purchase tried-and-true business models from successful entrepreneurs. You can be confident in finding the best franchise opportunities in India in 2022 for you, no matter what your preferences are in terms of sector, location, or investment.

Franchise Bazar has extensive directories of franchise businesses in India. Every industry comes with its own set of benefits for working in its franchise. But how do you know which franchise model or industry is the best fit for you? Worry not, because you can connect with a Franchise consultant on the Franchise Bazar website and conduct extensive research to determine which franchise interests you and suits you best. Here is a master list of the Top 100 Franchise Business Opportunities in India in 2022.

List of Top 100 Franchise Business Opportunities In India In 2022


Dr At Doorstep 

Franchise Bazar



Fries n Burgers


Nimai’s Borneo

Recruiting Hub


Rock Tawa


Crepe Station Cafe

Cafe Desire

ANSSI Wellness Center




Chicago Pizza

Goa Portuguesa

Coffee N U

Dava Discount

Pegasus Facilities

Oriz Mart


Yelneer Katte

Cafe Basilico - Bistro Deli


Indian Health Mall

RD Multivision Solutions

Scheider Electric Wiser



Moti Mahal Group

XtremeSports Bar


1. Healthcare Franchises in India

During the current times of pandemic, the need for healthcare services has increased more than ever. This industry focuses on all forms of medical facilities like various hospitals and wellness centres, dental and other forms of clinics, pharmacies, etc. If you fancy working in this sector, these are the Healthcare franchise opportunities in India in 2022.


2. Consultancy Franchises In India

Expertise in a particular field is offered by members of the consultancy sector. These opportunities range from Business Consulting Service Franchise in India, Corporate Training Franchise, solar franchises in India and Employment Agencies in India. The following brands are the best to franchise with if you feel you can manage a consultant agency. 


3. Retail Franchises in India

Supermarket franchise in India, convenience store franchise in India, footwear franchise in India, grocery store franchise in India, home appliances franchise opportunities, etc. are just some of the retail franchising businesses. In fact, retail franchising has a wide range of profitable ventures for anyone looking to start a small or large scale business as many of these businesses are located in our everyday lives and are the brands we rely on for basic needs.


4. Dealers & Distributors Franchises in India

Dealers and Distributors are nothing but product franchises. This industry is profitable for any type of investment and brand as long as you put your heart into the work. Franchisors are always there to support their franchisees and provide for the products and trained servicemen depending on the franchise model.

  • Absprints

  • Rock Tawa

  • Vazron

  • SoilTech

  • Koochie


5. Food Franchises in India

Another famous franchising sector is the food industry. Whatever the location or food type, people are always up for new and different styles of cuisines or love having a taste of their own delicacies. But food franchises never go out of style, as it is one of our most basic human needs. They will remain growing and profitable in the franchising industry as long as they do well in the market. So here are the best brands for you to take a food franchise in India from.


6. Restaurant Franchises in India

A similar sector to food franchising but on a larger scale is restaurant franchises in India in 2022. Despite this being a broader franchising model and requiring larger investments, it has the same trend in the market as fast-food franchises in India. This industry ranges from vegan and veg restaurant franchises to non-vegetarian and seafood restaurant franchises.

  • Fries n Burgers

  • Crepe Station Cafe

  • Goa Portuguesa

  • Cafe Basilico - Bistro Deli

  • Moti Mahal Group


7. Beverage Franchises in India

Aside from food franchises, coffee shop franchises in India, juice smoothie franchises, water franchises, wine shop franchises, Bar franchises in India are very popular as well. They go hand-in-hand, after all. Additionally, this industry earns a lot of profit every year, and thus you might like to have a look at these best beverage franchises in India.

  • TeaGo

  • Cafe Desire

  • Coffee N U

  • Mocha

  • XtremeSports Bar


8. Clothing Franchises in India

Nothing beats the business models of clothing franchises in India as it will be a fresh market with every new clothing trend. You can always be assured that this franchise will bring you lots of success as long as you stay true to the business brand’s policies and stay up-to-date with the fashion market.


9. Beauty & Wellness Franchises in India

As beauty standards and the need for the wellness of the body increase, the beauty franchise sector gets a push to grow rapidly in these lockdown days. From hair grooming to skincare and spas, you name it, we have it. Consider which beauty franchise brand in India you want to work with within this sector and register on Franchise Bazar to start your franchise business!

  • Chop Shop

  • Lakme

  • L’Oreal

  • Mystic Cures

  • Salon Ease


10. Jewellery Franchises in India

Just like clothing franchises, accessories and jewellery franchises in India are very lucrative as it has become an essential part of every Indian woman's life. With successful brands and tested business models that bring the most beautiful jewels to the market, here are the five best opportunities in this sector for you.

  • Aisshpra

  • Gitanjali Jewels

  • Silver Maya

  • Art N Jewels

  • Sia


11. Automotive Franchises in India

Private vehicles are no doubt still in trend and transport is such a vast sector in such a populated country as India. Wherever you go there will always be a need for the transport sector in each state and city of this country. This makes automotive franchises in India an excellent choice to franchise in as long as you are determined and interested in this field.

  • FlexiCab

  • Wheel Care

  • Armaax

  • Power Bike

  • VIP seal


12. Manufacturing Franchises in India

With industrialization comes the need for gears, equipment, raw materials, processed materials, etc. and manufacturing franchises in India do the work for that. If you are interested in working in this sector, Franchise Bazar brings you these five fantastic manufacturing franchises in India for 2022.

  • Setpac

  • Evergreen natural plates

  • Good Grip

  • Techno Aid

  • Silver Bay Marine Gear


13. Educational Franchises in India

As the world went into quarantine, a new system of education was introduced and adopted worldwide. This emerging tech-ed industry is undoubtedly one of the best educational franchise opportunities to invest in. Using tested education models from the franchisors, you can be confident that these franchises will provide the youth with the proper education they require.

  • Dhanush Mep Centre

  • Virohan

  • Tansen Sangeet Mahavidyala

  • InnateLabs Integrated Solutions

  • Only Success Learning Technology


14. Business Service Franchises in India

A classic, never out of trend sector for aspiring entrepreneurs is the business service sector. It helps in providing, as the name suggests, business services and you get to choose from this top 5 selection of business service franchises in India.

  • Service on wheel

  • Unique Fame

  • Thump

  • International Benchmarking

  • Big V Telecom


15. Cleaning Franchises in India

The cleaning industry has and will always prove to be successful as it is a sector that everyone needs in their daily lives, especially a country like India with its vast population. Some of the best cleaning franchises in India for 2022 are mentioned below.

  • Twinto

  • Keen to Clean

  • Envo

  • Tanclean

  • Fastclean


16. Logistics Franchises in India

Similar to the Automotive franchise but with a newer and broader scope, logistics franchises in India indulge in cargo moving and shifting business. A logistics franchise is very profitable because it involves the planning, implementation, and control of the flow and storage of goods and information within a supply chain, which is essential in today's industry-based society.

  • SafeXpress 

  • Overnite Express

  • Safe Shift Packers Move

  • Ludhiana Express

  • Hamilton Packers


17. Pet Franchises in India

If you are an animal lover, then what better business than being a pet franchise store owner? Choose from these 5 best pet franchises in India for 2022 that will give you an opportunity to live your dream life as a pet store owner or a vet! 

  • Precious Paws

  • Peekay

  • Husse

  • Clean Cute

  • Leo Dogs


18. Entertainment Franchises in India

In the bustling daily lives of Indians, entertainment plays an important role as a stress reliever. This is another one of the best sectors to invest in as it will never be out of demand. Summer holidays call for family trips, and leisure weekends need the satisfaction of watching a movie or just hanging out with friends. So if you think this sector is for you, here are the top five brands from Franchise Bazar that you would love to franchise with.

  • Guitar Hall

  • Zoomin

  • Snowmax

  • Oovaa

  • Silversand


19. Fitness Franchises in India

Pandemic has put everyone in their homes and whether people work out or not, fitness is a world-wide issue and thus franchising in the fitness sector is very valuable for society. By investing in fitness franchises in India in 2022, you not only contribute to society and help people be fit and healthy, but you also earn great profits and live a healthy life yourself!

  • Active Life

  • Cirka

  • Yourwellness

  • Diet Mantra

  • Messc


20. Hotel Franchises in India

You might think that travelling during the current state of the country might not call for hotel franchises and earn any profit at all, but depending on the location you invest in, there are fair chances of striking the pot of gold. After being shut in their houses for more than a year, people are trying to find any form of recreational activities and visiting tourist places within the country during vacations is the perfect distraction for them. So here are some of the best hotel franchises if you want to try your luck in this sector.

  • Mango Suites

  • Choice Hotels India

  • Citron

  • Platinum Hotels

  • Maksha Spa

View Top 100 Franchise Business in India

This concludes the top 100 franchise business opportunities in India for 2022. If you’re interested in taking a franchise, Register now on Franchise Bazar or connect with a franchise consultant through the website to find the right business opportunity for you!

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