Top 5 Ice Cream Franchise Brands in India Expanding in 2023

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Written By: Soundarya Raghuwanshi

From big to small – who doesn’t love ice cream?? Here are the best ice cream brands that are expanding in India.  Which one will you buy?

Ice cream is one of the most popular frozen desserts cherished by all age groups in the world. It is one of the fastest-growing franchise industries. The Indian ice cream industry is forecasted to grow at 17.5 % from 2023-28 with respect to 2022 as the base year.

This massive growth in the market is attributed to a lot of factors including a shift in consumer preferences, rising income of citizens and easy availability via convenience stores, supermarkets, etc.

Starting an Ice cream franchise in India is thus, one of the most excellent choices to invest in. In this article, I will share with you the top 5 Ice cream franchise brands in India which are expanding. So, which do you want to buy? 

Top 5 Ice Cream Franchises in 2023

1. Baskin Robbins

Founded in 1945 by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in California, Baskin Robbins is one of the most prestigious brands of ice cream in India as well as globally.

It was brought to India in 1993 and started becoming one of the most popular ice cream choices. It has a prominent presence in 50+ countries with 7000+ outlets.

It is known for its exciting menu which includes both local as well as universal flavours. The quality and taste of the brand is its plus point.

But why choose the Baskin Robbins franchise over other ice cream parlours?

  • Diverse menu - It has over 31 premium, international flavours, and local flavours too which keep on adding to the menu. Hence Baskin Robbins ice cream will never lose its selling potential.
  • High profit - Baskin Robbins franchise record speaks for itself. With over 750+ outlets in India alone, its success is multiplying at a higher rate.
  • Low Investment - Despite earning high revenue, this low-cost franchise ensures a higher return on low investment.

Investment – Rs 10-15 Lakhs

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2. Naturals Ice cream

 Naturals is recognized as one of the leading Ice creams brands in India. Naturals is an Indian ice cream brand founded in 1984 by Raghunandan Srinivas Kamath, with its first outlet in Juhu, Mumbai. 

Since then, it has grown to establish 120+ stores in 11+ states of India.  Naturals is known for its raw materials which are real fresh fruits, no use of artificial flavours and preservatives and the satisfaction it provides to taste buds.

You can have your own Naturals Store by investing in this top ice cream parlour franchise in India.

Why choose Naturals Franchise over other ice cream parlours?

  • Free outlet promotion - All expenses for the advertising and marketing of your ice cream parlour will be borne by Naturals. You will need not to invest additionally in advertisement and hence reduce your investment budget.
  • Logistics and stock support - All the Naturals outlet stock and distributions are managed by Naturals Headquarters. Hence it will save you time and effort to worry about the stock and products of the outlet.
  • Hassle-free franchise renewal process - to help you smooth functioning and keep delivering quality services to customers. It also provides 24*7 support to its franchise partners to ensure effortless work.

Investment - Rs 15 -30 Lakhs.

3. Amul Ice cream parlour

The fresh milk-made frozen dessert pioneer, Amul is one of the most popular ice cream options available in India. Amul is a cooperative of milk-producing farmers, founded in the year 1946 and based in Anand, Gujarat. It started selling diverse milk-made products with Amul Ice creams shining out as a popular choice. It has more than 1500+ outlets across India.

Amul offers an excellent business opportunity to entrepreneurs, willing to start their own Amul Parlour.

But why choose Amul Ice Cream Parlour? 

  • High-profit margin - Amul ice cream parlour has a high-profit margin of 20%. It is a very profitable opportunity for an entrepreneur looking for a quick return on investment.
  • No royalty or income sharing - Amul works on a model, where the franchisee need not share the revenue earned with Amul. It thus increases the profit margin of the business.
  • Brand name - Amul is a brand known to all. It has been known to people for generations and is still a very popular and reputed brand in India. Having a brand name Amul thus ensures the success of the business.

Investment - Rs 2 -5 Lakhs.

4. Kwality Walls ice cream

Kwality Walls was founded in 1956 by Hindustan Unilever, India's consumer goods company. It is Headquartered in Mumbai. It is one the most popular frozen dessert selling brands having outlets across the length and breadth of India.

It has been selling ice creams for over 100 years now. It envisions to spread happiness by making ice cream available to all and not just a few. It is thus known for its quality and taste both available at an affordable pricing.

Walls ice creams are sold in 50+ countries across the globe.

Why choose Us? 

  • Well established brand name - The benefit of starting a Kwality Walls outlet is not hidden from many. Having established a reputation of being one of the most popular brands, it will provide a big advantage to its franchisee partner.
  • Operating Manual - Kwality Walls provide a detailed operation manual to its franchisee, to guide and train them for operating the outlet as a professional. It also helps franchisees in understanding the various flavours the outlet has to offer.
  • Success model - Not many entrepreneurs get a success mantra, to start a business. However, Kwality Walls ensures that the plan of its franchisee is designed to claim success as soon as the outlet enters the market. This structured planning from an established brand guarantees success in the market.

Investment - Rs 2-5 Lakhs.

5. Giani’s

Everyone loves ice cream. And especially when it's hot in the summer, everyone wants one for sure. Giani's is the place to go and the place you need to get to if you want a cold drink.

It all started in 1956 at Giani-di-Hatti, which is still one of the most famous places in old Delhi. It is in the middle of the bazaars of Fatehpuri and Chandni Chowk. Giani Gurcharan Singh, a traditional sweets maker from the city of Layallpur (now Faisalabad), Pakistan, who moved to Delhi, set up shop here.

He started to serve his popular rabri-faluda and mango shakes, which he made with care and the best ingredients. This was an instant hit with the smart people in the walled city, and Giani, which means "the learned" in Punjabi, became a well-known name in no time.

All of Gianis's goods are made from plants, and they come in a wide range of flavours.There are many different parts to Giani's infrastructure, such as processing, cold storage, quality testing, and packing. There is a continuous freezer, filling stations, and a low-temperature hardening room at Giani's production unit.

Investment – Rs 15-20 Lakhs.

The ice cream university states a 25% profit margin for a standard ice cream store. Think about the increase in this profit margin when you own a famous brand shop.

Key Takeaways – Why Invest in an Ice Cream Franchise in India

  1. The key regions to start an ice cream franchise in India are Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu followed by other Indian States. It is very profitable to start a franchise in these States of India.
  2. Organic ice cream variants are currently driving the ice cream market of India. Hence, Naturals, Amul Ice cream parlour, etc have a very high success potential.
  3. Figures from the last two decades talk about an upward trend in ice cream demand and consumption in India.
  4. The frozen dessert industry includes ice cream, frozen yoghurt, Puddings, and smoothies with ice cream as the dominant segment.

To Conclude,

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Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.


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