Top 7 Grocery Supermarket Franchises in India for 2023

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Written By: Soundarya Raghuwanshi

Grocery Franchises are occupying top positions in the franchise market.

The retail industry is one of the top franchise industries in India with grocery taking up more than 60% of the retail market. With a rise in demand for Indian goods both locally and abroad, most retail companies observed a surge of 20-80 per cent in the volume of their goods orders.

The increase in organised grocery supermarkets is attributed to a demographic shift, an increase in the purchasing power of people, increasing customer awareness and a blend of online supermarkets with offline stores to cater to the needs of customers.

In this article, we will cover the best grocery supermarket franchise to invest in 2023. 

Top Grocery Supermarket Franchises in India for 2023

Let us get started with one of the fastest-growing segments in India, an industry that does not go out of style, the top grocery franchises in India.

1. 7Heven

7Heven is one of the leading grocery supermarkets in India. It is well known for its quality of products and their affordability. It aims to take forward the mission of 'Make in India' to another level by satisfying the grocery needs of Indians at an affordable price.

It is known for its doorstep delivery of products with some simple clicks from your home, office, or any other place. Invest in this best supermarket franchise opportunity and start your success journey right away.

Let me provide you with the top 2 reasons to choose the 7 Heven Supermarket Franchise.

  • Sales Support. 7heven has a market collaboration with 1200+ national and international brands which provides them with over 20,000 products to sell. Also, the frequent discounts and offers provided by 7 Heven ensure that the franchise shop is always stocked with products.
  • Another reason is the Backend support. 7Heven will provide its franchise partner with software for the overall monitoring of products and sales. 7 Heven ensures all the help and guidance, including backend support reaches its franchise partner.

Investment – Rs 8-12 Lakhs.

2. Fairway Supermarket

Fairway is a grocery supermarket chain, based in America. It was founded in the year 1933 by Nathan Glickberg. Starting its outlets in South India, Fairway Supermarket now has 18+ Pan India outlets and is one of the expanding chains of supermarkets.

It is known for its exhaustive range of grocery products to meet all your day-to-day needs. Being a very popular supermarket brand worldwide, Fairway Supermarket is the best opportunity for you to realise your entrepreneurial goal.

Now, let us cover the top 2 reasons why you should invest in Fairway Supermarket Franchise:

  • Firstly, Fairway Supermarket is an expanding chain of supermarkets. Therefore, it has a high potential for success in the grocery supermarket segment. Its 18+ successful outlets speak for its success potential.
  • Secondly, they assure their franchise partner with profitable sales and revenue generation through their safe, successful, and reliable business model.

Investment - Rs 15-20 Lakhs. 

3. Grocery 4u

Grocery 4u retail private limited is a very successful grocery supermarket brand in India. It was founded in 1988 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It is known for its large network of grocery supermarket outlets, lower pricing, high discount offers availability, a wide range of products and its enormous coverage of brands.

Grocery 4u has made a name and place for itself in the retail supermarket industry. The grocery supermarket is providing franchise opportunities to all the eligible entrepreneurs willing to expand its network.

Here are the top 2 reasons why you should go for a Grocery 4u franchise:

  • Firstly, Grocery 4u provides all the recruitment of staff support to the franchise partner. After recruiting they provide training support with the help of SOPs, personal training, and manuals.
  • Also, the franchise has an extensive network of brand associates, filling the stock of outlets with all the major needs of customers. This increased sales increases the profitability of the supermarket.

Investment - Rs 20-30 Lakhs.

4. First Go Mart

First Go Mart is India's famous online and offline food and grocery supermarket chain. With over 35,000 product coverage from 700+ different brands, First Go Mart caters to all possible needs of its customers.

The popular supermarket brand provides free home delivery services within 5 km of its store location. First Go Mart has earned a name for itself in the retail industry with its quality products, unmatched pricing, and customer satisfaction.

This grocery supermarket franchise is now expanding its outlets in Pan India.

Here are the top 2 reasons why you should choose the First Go Mart Franchise for:

  • It has a popular branding and advertisement support plan for its franchise partner. It helps new entrepreneurs increase the reach of their customer base and attract new audiences to the outlet.
  • First Go Mart Provides all the operational support to its franchise partner. It makes your business model work hassle-free.

Investment - Rs. 20-30 Lakhs 

5. Reliance Jio Mart

Reliance Jio Mart is one of India's leading grocery retail supermarkets owned by the prestigious Reliance Industries Limited. It was founded by Mukesh Ambani in the year 2019.  JioMart is India's most popular online shopping destination.

It is known for its wide range of grocery products and its competitive pricing. Reliance JioMart is expanding its outlets by establishing its presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India. It is also famous for bringing supermarket opportunities to small towns in India. 

There are many reasons why you should start a Reliance JioMart Franchise, the top 2 being:

  • Being India's most trusted brand, Reliance JioMart has an audience across India. 
  • It also provides Marketing, Branding and Promotion support to its franchise partner. 

Investment - Rs 20-25 Lakhs.

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6. Trolly Boy

Trolly Boy is a growing chain of grocery supermarkets in India. It has 25+ supermarkets in India with more presence in South India. Trolley Boy aims to help India achieve financial inclusion by affordable spending and hence improving the quality of life.

It is a very famous online grocery store with ease of shopping from the comfort of your home or office. It has a large network of associate partners with 300+ small, medium, and large entrepreneurs selling their products in Trolly Boy grocery supermarkets.

Trolley Boy is here to make India's shopping experience quick and hassle-free.

Here are the top 2 reasons why you should invest in Trolly Boy Franchise:

  • Trolley Boy has started from 1 store to 98 stores all because of its high brand value. The brand will speak for itself and the success of the franchise.
  • The trolley boy franchise model has a proven record of high return on investment making it a very profitable venture to invest in.

Investment - Rs 10-15 Lakhs.

7. Organic Supermart

Organic Supermart is a one-stop supermarket chain known for providing its customers with chemical-free certified organic grocery products. It started its journey in 2014 and is now one of the leading international supermarket brands.

It was started by the Daulat Farms group of companies to cater to the needs of Indian households and provide them with a one-stop for all their grocery requirements. It offers quality products at below MRP pricing to enhance customer experience and increase their purchasing power.

Let us now discuss the 2 key reasons why you should invest in Organic Supermart Franchise:

  • Organic Supermart is a completely certified organic products mart and with a shift in consumer preferences towards organic grocery items, it is the shop of today and tomorrow.
  • Organic Supermart provides its franchise partner with a business model with assured return on investment.

Investment - Rs 10-15 Lakhs.

In short, Indians spend 50% of their monthly income on grocery needs. With the onset of one-stop supermarkets for all grocery needs, Grocery supermarket has become one of the top choices for a franchise business.

3 reasons why grocery supermarkets are the most popular franchise investment ideas in India

  • With the Increase in consumption demands of the Indian economy, grocery supermarkets have become one of the most popular choices of entrepreneurs to start their business outlet. India is the third largest consumer of goods, and this high demand can be easily met with grocery supermarkets, enhancing their profit margin.
  • From small Kirana stores to hypermarkets and supermarkets, the Indian market has evolved to incorporate the needs of the time. There is a lack of supermarkets in tier 2 and tier 3 cities, which have a customer base waiting for an outlet to meet their demands.
  • For a franchise, investing in a successful business model, that has passed the test of the market, and working on its flaws to become a successful business plan, is fruitful. Grocery supermarket is one segment of the franchise with immediate earning potential and a high success rate.

To sum up,

Grocery is one thing that will never go out of demand in the market. With the increase in GDP of the Indian economy and subsequent increase in the purchasing power of citizens, the grocery needs are only set to increase in demand in the future. Investing in a grocery supermarket is thus both profitable and a rational business plan.

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Disclaimer: The brands mentioned in this blog are the recommendations provided by the author. FranchiseBAZAR does not claim to work with these brands / represent them / or are associated with them in any manner. Investors and prospective franchisees are to do their own due diligence before investing in any franchise business at their own risks and discretion. FranchiseBAZAR or its Directors, disclaim any liability or risks arising out of any transactions that may take place due to information provided in this blog.

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