What will be The Future of Franchising Business in India in 2022?

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What Will Be The Future Of Franchising Business In India In 2022

Written By Anjali Dixit                                                                          December 29 2021

Future of Franchise Business in 2022 lies in the potential of the entrepreneurs and stakeholders to withstand the changes in economy and survive the sudden hits of globally rising pandemic. The year 2021, was more likely similar to the year 2020 but not almost as bizzare as the latter. It has however witnessed similar swings in the market trends but with a lot lesser dips as those in 2020. Franchising business underwent a lot of challenges and difficulties causing many firms to completely shut down, the rate was though less than what was observed in 2020. Some of the businesses survived the crisis, be it internal or the worldwide pandemic while some narrowed its work capacity. Hereby, 2021 was a year to learn over multiple facets and aspects of business which could possibly open ways to enhance the future of Franchise Business in 2022.


India is considered to run the largest market for franchise business across the globe owing to its rapidly growing population, youth capacity and demand. If we look at the market trends of the recent five year analysis over franchise business, India has remarkably shown a growth rate of 1.8%. Keeping in mind the pandemic, if the entrepreneurs and investors continue to actively be involved in franchising business, India is sure to hit 4-5% in the coming years providing a better chance of evolution in the future of franchising.

Factors that contribute to Franchise Business Predictions for 2022

  1. Recognizing the New Methodologies for a Stronger Future in Franchising
  2. Stable Capital Accessibility Is a Necessity for the Future of Franchises
  3. Getting Back the Original Customer Base as Well as Attracting New Ones
  4. Reorienting the Business Model for a Stable Future in Franchising

The franchise business is sure to witness expansion and growth in 2022 if certain factors as discussed here are kept on note:


1. Recognizing the New Methodologies for a Stronger Future in Franchising

It will be the most helpful technique that could prove in making franchise business profitable in 2022. Advanced technologies and methodologies such as digital mode inclusive of Zoom, Google Meet and additional software and applications can be benefactors in establishing stable interaction and relationship amidst franchisor and franchisee. Hence, it is quite mandatory to have a thorough accessibility and knowledge in e-Learning to improve and boost communication.

2. Stable Capital Accessibility Is a Necessity for the Future of Franchises

The major issue any franchisee could witness is the access to capital for investment. In this pandemic struck season that has been since the past two years and are still under the effect of peril, it is highly demanded that franchisees must chalk out a clear way to get access to the capital and funds to start or carry out the business.

3. Getting Back the Original Customer Base as Well as Attracting New Ones

The Co-vid pandemic has caused a major setback in the field of their customer connections and relationships. Thus, it is supposedly going to be a great challenge. It would require having to strategies new methods and design new eye catching techniques to rebuild the lost connection. Rebuilding the customer base is a must to regain their popularity, fame and profits. More investments should be done in customer experience.

4. Reorienting the Business Model for a Stable Future in Franchising

For a stable future in Franchising, the business model is the most capable and creative way to establish the base of the company and corporate business. This can help in restructuring of the business that can eventually lead to better expertise, capability and skill-set. It can enhance leadership and other business proficiency skills as required. Realistic approach should be followed to establish a strong firm and strategize better marketing skills. The different approach used during the covid phases and waves should not be done away with either, for these can be beneficial in crisis management.

Is Franchise Business Going to Be Profitable in 2022?

Future of Franchise Business in India in 2022 can have a larger impact in making 2022 profitable for the Franchise business owing to the tremendous tendency and skill set India has. The adaptability of newer and advanced methodologies, technologies, strategies and restructuring of business models can lead to revival of the franchise business in the Indian market. The above discussed points can play a major role in development of Franchise Business opportunities and also an enhanced contribution to the economy of the nation. All this can be a stepping stone to success and earning a greater profit. Different business tools and realistic marketing approaches can be beneficial in the future of Franchises. Having a larger accessibility to the funds and maintenance of a keen eye over the changing market trends can lead to resilience and better adaptive strategies for resisting the changes in the economy.

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