When to start a New Business?

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Written by: Kiran James 


New business- when what and how to start one, is a question commonly raised by many aspiring entrepreneurs today.  Don’t forget, that we need to look at profitability as well when considering any new business ideas.


But is profitability, the only thing you should be considering? No. Considering which businesses are increasing in popularity is also important.  How can you define the popularity of an industry?  Simple, below are a few steps that can guide you on this path.  Read on carefully.


Market Research


Every business in the industry does generate its reports which give clarity on its current situation of where the business is headed to.  So, if the industry you are looking to, does not possess these reports or any kind of reports, you need to think before even getting into it.


Consider reading publications


Consider reading various magazine publications which cover that industry sector.  This may contain the industry you wish to get into, or else similar smaller industry around the sector.  Such publications will give you the information in an easy-to-understand format.


Trends & Analysis


With the growing technology, there are various tools available to measure the stats and where the future of a sector is leading to.  Keyword search tool engines and others are important for many sectors in the industry which rely on the internet to enhance their marketing.


Once we have analyzed these key aspects, let’s look at some of the best business ideas in India.




One of the most successful business opportunities is the Amul Brand in India.  They have a wide range of dairy products which include milk to even ice creams.  Nonetheless, this company is looking to grow its network across the country.


CCD (Café Coffee Day)


A chain of coffee shops is growing widely across the country.  Unlike national, they also have an international presence.  So, thinking of acquiring a business, is a good option.


Domino’s Pizza


A brand famous across the country, for its unique taste in Pizzas, this is a fast-growing brand across the country.   This is the first name that comes across to our mind when we think about pizzas.




When it comes to health and food, Subway is a combination of both.  They offer a wide range of sandwiches, along with various other items, included in their diversified menu.


Baskin Robbins


World’s largest chain of ice cream as well as frozen desserts such as cakes and sundaes.  This brand is looking to expand its operations across the country and is looking for entrepreneurs.


Jawed Habib Hair & Beauty


One of the most well-known brands in the grooming and wellness industry.  You must know that this brand is always crowded at most of its locations throughout the day.


To acquire some new business ideas in India, or for any related queries, get in touch with us.  Reach out to our experts today. Register here to take a franchise or want to connect with a franchise consultant, head over to the Franchise Bazar’s website.

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