Riding the Wave of 'Chandu Champion': Why Start a Sportswear Franchise

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Written By: Resham Daswani

To thrive in the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship, one must be adept at seeing new trends and knowing how to profit from them. The rise to fame of the fictional sports star Chandu Champion is one such trend that is presently dominating India. There has never been a better time for entrepreneurs to get into the sportswear franchise business than now, thanks to this phenomenon, which has skyrocketed interest in health and sports.

Listed here are a few of the top sportswear franchises in India, and the blog delves into why this is the ideal moment to start a sportswear franchise in India.

Understanding India’s Sportswear Franchise Market & The ‘Chandu Champion’ Trend

"Chandu Champion" has become a major cultural phenomenon, even beyond its fictional origins. Beyond the realm of entertainment, he motivates individuals of every age to get moving and participate in sports.

More people are joining gyms, more people are signing up for sports clubs, and the demand for sportswear is on the rise, so this interest spike isn't a fad. Entrepreneurs who ride this wave to success will be in a prime position to take advantage of the expanding market.

Market drivers enhancing the growth of the Sportswear Business in India

Growth in the Sportswear Market:

The rising demand for sports apparel is a clear manifestation of the 'Chandu Champion' effect. The rising popularity of fitness has contributed to increased demand for clothing and sports equipment. This demand is being driven by a wide range of demographics, including fitness-conscious consumers, professional athletes, and casual sports fans.

Health Awareness and Economic Growth:

This demand has been driven even higher by the increasing disposable incomes and robust economic expansion in India. People are spending more money on high-quality athletic apparel because they are increasingly health concerned, which is driven by societal shifts and public health campaigns. There is a promising window of opportunity for new players in the Indian sportswear industry, which is anticipated to expand from 2021 to 2026 at a CAGR of 11%.

An Expanding Market for Women's Sports Apparel Driven by Rising Female Athletic Participation:

A growing number of women are getting into sports and fitness, which is fueling the need for apparel designed specifically for women. Products made for female athletes and exercise fans are becoming increasingly important to brands.

Global sporting events have a significant impact on the popularity of competitive sports:

Global sporting events like the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, and Indian Premier League (IPL) influence the sportswear industry. People are motivated to engage in sports and purchase gear linked to them by these events.

Significantly Young Demographic:

One of the world's youngest populations, with a sizeable percentage of people under 35 years old, is India. Sports apparel is seeing strong demand from this population because of their increased propensity for fitness and athletic activities.

Impact of Fitness Influencers on the Fitness Industry:

More and more individuals are adopting fitness regimens and purchasing suitable athletic apparel because of the promotion of active lives by social media celebrities and fitness specialists.

Increase in the Number of Retail Outlets:

The expansion of branded stores and organised retail chains in semi-urban and metropolitan areas has increased the accessibility of sportswear.

Surge in Online Shopping:

The sportswear sector has been greatly enhanced by the proliferation of e-commerce platforms. The ease of online shopping allows customers to peruse many products, compare prices, and make purchases without ever leaving the house.

Best Sportswear Franchise To Consider in India

Adidas Franchise:

The world's largest brand in sportswear, has a wide range of products and huge franchise potential. Adidas products are sold worldwide. The company's simple approach strengthens technology and goods to boost competitiveness and profitability. Every year, Adidas and its network of independent manufacturers produce more than 900 million apparel, footwear, and accessories for sports and leisure..


A multinational sporting and sneaker brand, is ideal for entering the booming Indian footwear market. Puma is a well-known footwear franchise in India that offers new styles, comfort, and long-lasting quality..  Puma makes athletic shoes and fashionable casual clothes for a varied customer base, ensuring franchise success. The dedication of Puma to developing innovative designs encourages clients to return for the most recent fashion trends, which differentiates your franchise from the other businesses in the industry. Click here to read how to start a Puma franchise in India.

VS Retail Franchise:

This retail franchise is a sportswear and equipment brand. VS Offers Affordable, High-Quality, Comfortable, and Technical Products. We sell sportswear like tracksuits and shorts. VS Sells Bats, Bals, Cricket Kits, Gloves, Gym Bags, and More. They aim to provide affordable technical clothing of the highest quality..

Reebok India:

As a division of Adidas, Reebok offers a wide range of fitness and lifestyle items to satisfy the needs of its varied consumer base. With Reebok's extensive franchise support, innovative product lines, and strong brand legacy, franchisees stand to gain. The brand's marketing strategy relies on capitalising on fitness fads and partnering with influential figures in the industry.

Nike India Franchise:

Another major player in the sportswear market, Nike is known for its innovative products and fashionable sporting apparel. Entrepreneurs that become Nike franchisees have access to a wide variety of products, a dedicated customer base, and extensive training opportunities. Sales and brand awareness increase by Nike's marketing campaigns and the endorsements of athletes.

Benefits For Entrepreneurs Who Want To Start A Sportswear Franchise in India

Indian entrepreneurs who want to start a sportswear franchise have a lot to gain from doing so. They have access to cutting-edge marketing and technology, a proven business strategy, well-known brands, and extensive training and assistance.

Some advantages include:

  1. Entrepreneurs may quickly establish credibility and trust with consumers by forming partnerships with popular athletic brands. It takes less time and effort to establish a brand from the ground up because of this.
  2. Franchisees benefit from a favourable market environment because of the growing demand for sportswear, which is a result of government efforts that promote fitness and sports.
  3. To meet the demands and tastes of a diverse spectrum of customers, sportswear franchises usually provide a large selection of products, including garments, footwear, accessories, as well as equipment.
  4. Entrepreneurs may quickly establish credibility and trust with consumers by forming partnerships with popular athletic brands. It takes less time and effort to establish a brand from the ground up because of this.

Moreover, there is a lot of room for growth in the sportswear industry due to these factors as well as the increasing demand for athletic apparel, more disposable incomes, and supportive government regulations.

Thus, entrepreneurs can take use of these advantages to build a successful business in a rapidly expanding industry.

Steps To Establish A Sportswear Franchise in India - A Complete Guide

Strategies for starting a profitable sportswear franchise business in India include.

Performing Market Analysis:

Before entering the sportswear sector, research is crucial. To better cater to local market needs, it is important to have an understanding of local demographics, customer preferences, and also rivals. Inventory and marketing decisions can be based on target customers' purchase habits.

Funding Acquisition:

Starting a franchise is expensive. Venture capital, bank loans, and also personal savings are choices for entrepreneurs. An effective business plan that details predicted expenses, income, and growth might attract investors or loans.

Using the right marketing tactics to promote the franchise:

  • Profiting from the "Chandu Champion" Trend: Use the 'Chandu Champion' motif to attract fans and capitalise on the cultural phenomena. Launching special edition items, conducting character-themed events or tournaments, and cooperating with 'Chandu Champion' influencers or sports celebrities are examples. Creating a strong character association helps attract loyal customers.
  • Increasing both brand authority and consumer involvement, content marketing is a powerful tool. Fitness, sports, and 'Chandu Champion' blogs help boost franchise website visits. Tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, and also client testimonials boost engagement and trust.
  • Community Participation: Getting into the community can boost brand loyalty. Joining community events, sponsoring sports teams, as well as running fitness camps can boost brand awareness. Moreover, repeat clients and word-of-mouth referrals might result from community partnerships.

Selecting the Appropriate Location:

Location is crucial to sportswear franchise success. Shopping malls, business districts, as well as fitness centres can increase foot traffic. When choosing a location, consider accessibility, visibility, and target market closeness.

Building an Online Presence:

In today's digital world, businesses cannot survive without a web presence. The right e-commerce website, social media presence, and online marketing can enhance sales and brand visibility. Online purchasing and social media engagement can boost client loyalty and reach.

Use Technology:

Technology streamlines and improves customer service. Advanced inventory, point-of-sale, and also CRM systems can boost effectiveness and customer service quality. Franchises may stand out with online buying, virtual try-ons, as well as personalised recommendations.

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Looking Ahead: The Indian Sportswear Franchise Market's Future!

Growth Potential: Successful sportswear franchises can expand. This can involve opening more branches, adding fresh lines of merchandise, or entering complementary areas like athletic apparel as well as accessories. Therefore, strategic collaborations and franchising can boost growth.

The ability to innovate and adapt: Technological advances as well as trends in sportswear are continual. Long-term success requires monitoring and adapting to these changes. Research as well as development, sustainability, and personalised customer experiences help keep the franchise competitive.

To Sum Up,

Entrepreneurs can begin a sportswear franchise at a unique and perfect time with the 'Chandu Champion' wave. Success is within reach for entrepreneurs who take advantage of the current trend towards health and fitness, the cultural impact of "Chandu Champion," and also smart business strategies.

Those who jump on the bandwagon now will be well-positioned to fulfil the expectations of a growing number of health-conscious and sports-loving consumers when the market keeps expanding.

For more on the latest sports store franchises, or if you want to know how to start a sports equipment franchise, feel free get in touch with our experts at FranchiseBAZAR.  Feel free to browse through our plethora of franchise opportunities under various investment brackets that suit your budget.

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